Corporate personhood: Is corporate personhood consistent with individual rights?

  • Yes. Corporations are made of Human beings with convictions and dreams.

    The weight of all the problems, issues,
    And choices of a corporation are placed
    upon real human individuals. Real human
    Emotions are involved in running a corporation.
    With out people there would be no corporation.
    When looking at a corporation you are looking
    At the hopes and dreams of real living people.

  • No, corporations are not people.

    Corporate personhood is only a tricky tactic that businesses attempt to employ to gain more rights than they should be afforded. Corporations are not people and therefore should not be given individual rights. This practice is not only inconsistent with the law, but it creates and uneven playing field for most people.

  • No, corporations are groups of people, and should not be treated as persons.

    If a corporation is to be held to the standard of personhood, then it is only so in the benefits it reaps from being classified as such. A corporation will never face life in prison, will never be sentenced to death and will never be held to the strict guidelines that individuals are. Corporations have privileges such as a debt burden that it will never realize in real terms, as stock holders are only liable for their investment. The corporation being granted personhood means that a system, backed by individuals with limited liability, has power to go bankrupt, and cease to exist like nothing ever happened. If an individual goes bankrupt, they do not cease to exist, but face the troubles of living life after bankruptcies. Corporate personhood is a means of not holding responsible parties responsible.

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