Corporate sponsorship of schools: Is corporate sponsorship of schools a good idea?

  • Help students grow in mind and character

    Having corporate sponsorships can help students engage with the current events going on, Helping to develop their own opinion, And finding where they stand in American society rather than blindly following others because of a lack of knowledge.
    There's no harm in accepting a corporate-sponsorship at your school anyways. :)

  • Should Corporations Sponsor Schools?

    Should corporations sponsor schools? Child’s school needs new gym equipment, curricular materials and up-to-date technology, items that the school’s budget just can’t cover. What to do?Think about it, what if your school was sponsored by starbucks and you got free starbucks gift cards, or everyone has to use starbucks mugs, glasses, or teachers have to drink starbucks coffee for free? Most people would like that, But how about if your school was sponsored by Fatburger? That name does not sound like a good name, because it doesn’t promote good health. I think schools should have sponsors, but with some guidelines.

    Kids, teachers, and parents should have a say. Kids could vote like when we did student votes for the government elections. This would be good practice for kids when they get older and a chance for vote. The teachers could vote with a different colour of paper or they could put it into a different box but still voting with the students. Parents could get a notice or do online voting on the school website. If they use a website it should ask what division your kid is in, name of parent and student, and email. For totalling it up kids should get 1 point to what they want, parents and teachers 2 points, principle 3 points and the school board get 4 but have to decide as a group.Then most people who are in the district would be happy, because it’s fair.

    My next reason we should have sponsor is because the schools don’t have the money to buy things like good gym equipment, instead of the ruined and un-pumped gym equipment. Most public schools don’t have enough money to have good gym equipment, so if schools would have a sponsor like Sport Cheek schools would have better gym equipment. What would would sport cheek get? Maybe their logo on the balls? What’s so bad about that?

  • Students get opportunities with the sponsor

    Students can be provided scholarships with the corporate Sponsor and be given opportunities for the future. Also including jobs , internships and etc. Not all schools are well off, depending on the districts schools are either fairly supported or not. I can also relieve pressure off of some parents shoulders

  • My School Is Poor

    Hi my school is poor and i want better facilities for us soooo yeah i like sponsors. Schools that automatically have money just because of the area theyre in is so unfair. Certain regions have to suffer from poverty for no reason... Thats where the sponsors come in. Yay corporate sponsorship!

  • School good making at me smart

    School good thing to learn at!

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  • Yes I think a corporate sponsorship is a good idea

    If your childs school were not making a lot of money and they were laying off teachers I would want the school to get a sponsor because if they were laying off teachers then your children would not be learning enough, a sponsor can give money to the school so they can but the right material and supplies for you children to learn.

  • Certain Bias towards richer schools.

    Corporate Entities are out there to make money. Whilst schools do receive more money from sponsorships, What schools will they be? Will the schools be the richer, Well known ones? Or will they be the lesser-known and more rural schools? Businesses will definitely choose the former option. After all, Their goal is to make moeny

  • No, This is bad

    Schools are suppose to be a place to learn not where we see more ads that influence our education at its core. Learning is not for business to abuse and would't be a problem if our government properly funded the schools as needed so that they wouldn't need to fell that corporation sponsors are needed.

  • No, that's not for the best

    Schools are supposed to be an unbiased place where students go to learn, not have things skewed or have products pushed on them. There's no way a corporation would sponsor a school and be content with just having their name on it, they'd want their products plastered all over the interior too which in most cases won't be for the best.

  • Corporate Sponsorship Offers Schools Unfair Advantage

    Some schools are fortunate enough to be sponsored by corporations. These corporations pay huge sums of money for the naming rights to gyms, football stadiums, and other school areas. Most of the time, they do so because a corporate executive has a familial or personal tie to that school. While the wish to benefit that school is understandable, it provides that school with an unfair financial advantage that other schools do not have.

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