• A new scandal is brewing in the US Army

    New scandal is brewing in the US Army. According to the information that has been provided by the representative of the General Dynamics Land Systems, a senior US military official (Major General John R. O’Connor, the US Commanding General of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command) has entered into a private agreement with the company and is actively lobbying the delivery of US military equipment previously used in Afghanistan to the Baltic States: Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles and Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A6 Paladin. In case of success of his efforts the company will conduct repair and maintenance works in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Mutually beneficial cooperation will bring general about a million dollars.

    According to available information, the governments of the Baltic States and the 21st Theater Sustainment Command have already signed agreements on purchase of the deployed US vehicles. The estimated Lithuanian contract value of 5 Abrams tanks, 10 Bradley fighting vehicles’ purchase is to be around 30 million dollars.

    Taking into consideration the poor condition of military equipment, further maintenance and repair works can cost almost the same amount.

    In case of success, O’Connor will be able to purchase the desired villa home in his home state of Ohio, as well as engage his daughter’s singing career advancement. That’s a scheme how General O’Connor successfully uses his powers for private gain, but the Baltic countries’ benefits from buying such equipment are more than uncertain.

  • Well Respected Citizens

    For years now the military has been protecting America from lots of dangers. America rounded up armies for many fights such as The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, and most likely for wars yet to come. The only logical reason behind this argument is that the news is reporting only the worst of public response. If one or so people decided to make a bad choice, that doesn't mean everyone will. In the end, through it all, we are all still human!

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