Cosmetic pesticide ban: Should local provinces ban cosmetic pesticides used for gardens and so-forth?

  • Yes I believe they should switch.

    I think local provinces should ban cosmetic pesticides due to the fact of how harmful they can be to local pets and humans alike. People do not realize the amount of chemicals in cosmetic pesticides, and how dangerous they can be to other creatures. There are many alternatives and natural pesticides that can be used, and if the ban is put in place, then a lot of toxins would never be released.

  • No, they are effective.

    No, local provinces should not ban cosmetic pesticides for gardens, because they are effective. Before pesticides, food was harder to produce and had more diseases. Pesticides have helped us come a long ways in food production. It is more important that people have enough food to eat, even if a few bugs are inconvenienced.

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