Costa Rica Hunting: Should hunting for sport be banned in the United States?

  • Ban sport hunting!

    The animals you hunt in sport hunting also have feelings. Think about the animals! If you are going to hunt animals you have to get a permit before you hunt, but why do they give out permits? Its like saying, "Hey, can i get a permit to become a murderer?" As numerous other posts have said, "A sport to you. A life to them."

  • Yes, it should be banned.

    There is no need for hunting to be a sport. All it is is killing - for fun. Now, hunting for food is different. We need protein in our diets, and meat is one of the most readily available options. So hunting for food is perfectly fine, so long as the animal is not endangered. But hunting as a sport is just unacceptable. That's killing animals simply as a hobby. Some people may think it's macho, or cool to kill animals. Well, it's not. Taking away the life of an innocent creature is most definitely NOT cool, or macho. If there is no need for hunting (as a sport), then why should we even continue it? It's an ugly and revolting sport. So please, if you enjoy hunting as a sport, think twice about your actions.

  • Yes. It's wrong.

    Hunting for sport? That's killing because you think it's fun! It's immoral to do that. Animals are living creatures. They have a soul. They have a life and they only have one. Taking it for fun can't possibly be ok. (Adding words so I can post uh I hate doing this)

  • Commend Costa Rica for Banning Hunting as a Sport

    Animal rights is a huge problem in the US. Illegal trade of exotic animals in the black market is an extremely significant issue that has yet to be eliminated. I can only hope that other countries will follow Costa Rica's example and enforce similar laws to protect the wildlife of the world.

  • Hunting is not a sport

    It would maybe be a sport if the animals also had guns, but as it stands it is just a one-sided contest. It is one thing to feed your family, but we have several animals that are extinct or going extinct and we don't need hunting to speed up that process.

  • Many activists In America call for hunting to be banned around the world

    Costa Rica is one of the world's most biodiverse nations. It's aim for Wildlife Conservation is the basis of a ban on hunting for sport. Historically, people have hunted for their subsistence. People living in remote areas hunt for a living in continuation of their cultural traditions. Nowadays, with increased mobility, technology and more urbanization, people do not hunt for survival anymore. Since there are so many species at risk of being considered endangered, governments must do more to limit hunting for sport or ban it altogether. Many people view hunting for sport as frivolous, and they are outraged when animals are hunted for a trophy, such as Cecil the lion in Africa. People should face stiff penalties if they hunt for sport. Hunters should be fined, since most of this type of hunting in America is illegal to begin with.

  • Hunting for sport should not be banned in the United States

    Hunting for sport should not be banned in the United States unless the animal being hunted is in some way on an endangered species list. Hunting serves many purposes - from provision of food to population control. Even hunting for sport furthers both of those objectives. There are better causes for activists to address.

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