Costco says employees 'deserve' Thanksgiving off: Should more retailers stay closed on Thanksgiving?

  • Yes, Stay Closed.

    Any retailer that decides to make Thanksgiving a work day fails to realize that it is not a religious holiday, but a national holiday. It is a time to spend time with your family and give thanks for everything that has come your way. I get if they do not want to celebrate Christmas, but Thanksgiving should be a holiday that closes retailers for the day. We are humans, not slaves.

  • Retailers should stay closed on Thanksgiving

    I think Costco made the right decision for closing on Thanksgiving. I think more retailers should do this as well. Consumers get way too wrapped up in Black Friday holiday shopping that they don't realize their greed is affecting those that work for these retailers. Thanksgiving is a day that should be spent with family.

  • Holiday means no work.

    Costco is a supermarket for all other supermarkets. People of simple homes to businesses go shopping there. But with that being said, who wants to work on a day where all humans in the United States want to do nothing but eat until they can't move. It is a holiday like Christmas and should be treated as such.

  • Thanksgiving Should Be A Holiday For All

    It is hard to argue that everything should be closed on Thanksgiving, as we need essential services like police, fire fighters and hospital workers. Retail is a different animal though, and people should have at least one day where they don't feel like they should have to work. While many workers need the money afforded them by working on a holiday like Thanksgiving, it would be nice if everyone had the day off to spend with family.

  • They should be off

    They should be off for Thanksgiving. I know that stores that sell food stay open for at least four hours a day, but more retailers are starting to make full days out of Thanksgiving for reasons of selling. Being closed on holidays is better for employee morale because they would feel more appreciated.

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