Cougars and the ecosystem: Are Cougars more important to the ecosystem than previously understood?

  • Cougars, like all animals, are missunderstood

    The value of most, if not all, animals is still largely misunderstood by humanity in general. Apparently a recent study has concluded that cougars are responsible for widely distributing seeds through their feces. It took 100,000s of thousands of years for ecosystems to reach a relative equilibrium before humans came along. It seems very likely that we simply do not understand much of the dynamics of the world around us.

  • Cougars are very important to the ecosystem

    Every animal is important to the ecosystem. If you take one animal out it has a knock on effect right up and down the chain. Perhaps more studying can show just how important they are, but it seems pretty obvious that they are really important and everything should be done to protect them.

  • Every animal is an important part of the ecosystem.

    Every animal is an important part of the ecosystem. It is easy to forget this fact when looking at animals that frighten us. For example, as humans we tend to fear bees and have been active in trying to kill them and prevent their growth, but that has had a noticeable impact on the ecosystem. Cougars are frightening predators to some, but we all have our role to play.

  • They control deer populations.

    It is often unclear how much of an impact an animal has on the ecosystem until their numbers begin to significantly decline. In regions where many cougars have died off, there is often a significant boom of animals such as deer which can cause considerable damage to woodland areas by tearing down trees which are the habitats for many smaller animals. This kind of thing can have a serious impact on a local environmental area.

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