• Reason. Economics. Aesthetics. Climate.

    To be able to live how we planned when we started saving for retirement. Or start a business somewhere else AND draw our retirement savings where it goes a long way towards comfort and contentment. More freedom in many cases. Ecuador, Panama, Philippines, Costa Rica. They are all calling for people to reside there

  • Yes, a foreign country could definitely lure me away for my retirement.

    Many people spend almost their entire lives wishing that they had more time, money, and opportunity to travel and see the world. For those of us who spend most of our lives living in the same general area, the desire is quite natural. From this perspective, the prospect of settling abroad for retirement is quite an appealing one. Furthermore, it many places of the world, the US dollar will actually go further than it does at home, meaning that you could manage to retire on less money.

  • Yes I could be lured out of retirement by a foreign country offering the right pay and incentives.

    Like most Americans my retirement income is not a large as I would like for it to be. A foreign company (private or government) that offered me the right pay and incentives plan could lure me out of retirement. The plan would have to offer more than just cash, I would have to have comparable medical and residential benefits to the US marketplace.

  • Yes any foreign country can

    Most foreign countries are are struggling to build their economies and this gives me and many other willing investors to go and invest in the building and growing of this economies in many sectors depending on your area of speciality.This will be the best way to retire as it gives me an opportunity to grow myself and to benefit others.

  • Foreign Paradise for Retirement

    Yes, a foreign country could lure me away for retirement. It sounds like paradise to be able to move to Italy and live lavishly without working. Living all of your life and working in the same country could become tiring, a long term getaway might be just what we need.

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