• It is possible

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    My 2 cents...


    I don't see why not. Anything could contribute, likely early in life. People's natural gut flora and fauna correlate with personality. T. Gondii which can be disease-causing and correlates with certain diseases but does not always cause disease has been shown to correlate with differences in entire cultures.

    Regardless homosexuality isn't harmful so it's not a disease.

  • Anything could contribute

    Science doesn't show any clear 100% genetic correlation just partial correlations. Since everything effects everything why couldn't a germ go into someone's body and cause physical changes (probably early in life) that eventually lead to a person becoming gay?

    It doesn't matter. And either way homosexuality is not a sickness. Gut bacteria including probiotics have been shown to effect people's personalities. T. Gondii which can sometimes cause disease and increases the risk of other diseases but not always has been shown to effect the attitudes of entire cultures.

  • No, A germ could not cause homosexuality

    I do not believe that a germ could cause homosexuality. There is no proof or facts that state anything in particular causes homosexuality. I believe that being homosexual is something that people are born with and couldn't change even if they wanted to. A germ is something that makes another individual sick, and homosexuality is definitely not a sickness.

  • A a Germ cannot Cause Homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is a preference for same-sex partners. It is a complex psychological situation, and there has never been a reported case with substantive evidence of a germ having caused homosexuality. Different cultures have different sexual customs and mores. It is important to be sensitive to all people's preferences and not to blame them on germs or diseases.

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