Could a new documentary by Michael Moore be the catalyst that motivates those who Occupy Wall Street to become more proactive in protests?

  • He is their leader.

    Yes, a new documentary by Michael Moore should be a catalyst that motivates those who Occupy Wall Street to become more proactive in protests, because he is a leader for the discontent. Michael Moore teaches his audiences that rich people are taking advantage of them. The Occupy Wall Street crowd has run away with that mentality.

  • That's not the audience Moore tries to reach.

    I highly doubt that anything Michael Moore puts out for public consumption would motivate anyone who was involved in Occupy Wall Street. They have their own ideals, or they've left the movement because of infighting and disillusionment. At this point, I think they're too jaded to be affected by anything Moore does.

  • No, Occupy Wallstreet won't be jump started by Michael Moore the snore.

    Many of Michael Moore's arguments have to deal with conspiracy theory, overthrowing the status quo, or the liberal agenda. However, I don't think Michael Moore has the influence that he use to have. He was a popular figure around 2000 or so, but I haven't heard of any of his works lately. I really think people got tired of him.

  • No, Michael Moore's new documentary will not make Occupy Wall Street protesers more proactive..

    While Michael Moore's new documentary will encourage some to take up a few more causes and be more active in various protests, I do think they're a minority in the group. I think such protests will come and go and Micheal Moore's documentary will be forgotten within a small amount of time.

  • Micheal Moore has no more credibility in any circles.

    Michael Moore has been called out on his garbage by every group in the country, even his own fans. He denigrates large corporations, such as Walmart, while also holding a significant amount of stocks in them. He constantly snipes questions at people while becoming irate when people do the same to him. Every one of his documentaries have been shown to be full of interview editing to change the position of the interviewee to the point of being sued for libel and misrepresentation for almost all of them.

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