• Even Imperfect Is Perfect

    A perfect God has created everything. I mean EVERYTHING. A perfect God created everything exactly the way it should be, and if it is "imperfect" then maybe you should change your thoughts on what is perfect. Everything has a purpose and is perfect and wonderful in a perfect God's eyes.

  • God is perfect and created us perfect by giving us imperfections to learn the value of both

    God can create imperfections but these too are perfection as part of God's perfect plan and have been created that way to have a specific purpose. What IS perfect,what does it mean? First know imperfection then u'll know perfection.BUT GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES.! Both must exist together in balance,two sides of the same coin
    Light and dark,life and death, heaven and hell..

  • I struggled to choose, but we can not begin to describe what perfect is.

    We enumerate so many different human attributes and qualities to describe what the definition is, however we will eventually run out. Our minds are so puny, that we cannot fully comprehend and understand it. In Hebrew, the meaning is more understood as "complete". Our God created something He called "good", not perfect.
    We are merely agents in the "perfection" of the world. Change involves pain and failed attempts, which is what we would label sin as. All things have a purpose towards "completion", just as Christ is completed, we soon will be completed after judgement.

  • World is an examination hall

    Yes. Its because world has been created to test us, for a reward in heaven or hell. So the world is not suppose to be perfect. It is suppose to be hard harsh and difficult as a test.So please do good as the end of life is actually not the end its just the beginning

  • Yes, but not in the way that you'd think.

    God purposely chose to make the world imperfect because that would defeat the purpose of heaven. If the world was perfect, that would be dreadful because we would have everything we could ever want and we would remove God from our lives. Because of this we wouldn't know what love would be, or hate, or violence, or righteousness. The world become absolute. Now, how exactly? I believe that God intentionally allowed Satan to tempt man into eating that apple. It was all part of the plan. By allowing Satan to triumph, God indirectly created an imperfect world for the better good.

  • A perfect God can create something imperfect.

    The whole point of thinking that there is a God is that he is something greater than we are in ourselves,We can still be in his image and be imperfect just like an image in a mirror can be somewhat distorted from the the original being reflected.He may have created us imperfect so we can learn to work with each other.

  • Otherwise he wouldn't be perfect.

    "perfect" : entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings (taken from dictionary.Com)
    In order to be perfect, this God must be able to do everything, which includes creating imperfect things. If he can not do this, that is a shortcoming, a flaw of his, so he would not be perfect.

  • God is perfect and has created imperfections in us that serve a certain purpose.

    God is perfect. In relative comparison nothing on earth will ever be perfect. In order to call God perfect all other living things are prone to being imperfect. Humans and animals alike are bound to have their strengths and weaknesses. I believe that God created two sides to every living thing, the good side and the flawed(imperfect) side - and our life is Gods way of testing us, according to the side we choose. God has created imperfections in every one of us in order to judge and test us.

    Posted by: Rhee
  • God can create ONLY imperfect things.

    God alone is perfect. Everything else is imperfect to the extent that it is created by and therefore dependent upon God. Only God and him alone is self-existent, holy, sovereign, eternal, immutable, necessary and everything else that constitutes perfect being. Creation is contingent and mutable and fallible, things which constitute temporal becoming.

    Posted by: Ryft
  • Sorry Your Faith is Not in You

    Our history as humans is littered with death from religion.

    I think it is time to focus on having faith in ourselves as we further educate, and shed all the fantasy of heaven and a hell.

    We have real issues at hand like the earth warming and dying at the hands of fossil fuel greed just to name one.

    Tell your parents you love them but they got the whole religion thing wrong and you can no longer believe the unproven hopes of others.

    Think for yourself, be a leader not a follower!

  • How Could Sin Come into Being(in the Abrahamic Religions)?

    Much theology holds to the concept that God can only be good and that he is omniscient and omnipotent. If He can only be good and has designed the universe and all the events that will happen in it, how could even the concept of sin exist? How could Satan be anything but good as a part of a perfect creation?

  • Perfection begets perfection

    God's perfect plan is being accomplished. His will, not our supposed free will. He is processing man kind according to His perfect plan. If anyone would study one bible truth at a time, they could figure this out for themselves. Learn original greek and hebrew. Get away from paganism. Study...

  • Why should a perfect being create an imperfect one?

    Well ,everyone says god is the only one perfect and he can create imperfect things but the doesn't he violates his own nature?
    God who everyone regards to be an all caring,loving and pure entity violates every good attribute he possess by making people suffer.SO IT BECOMES CLEAR THAT EITHER GOD IS IMPERFECT OR HE DOESN'T

  • God couldn't create anything imperfect

    If God exists then he isn't perfect because he created humans and humans are imperfect, unless he created us this way on purpose which means he doesn't truly love us. Someone mentioned that life on earth would be dreadful if we were perfect, well what do you think heaven would be like? If we are all without sin in Heaven then you're in for an eternity of dreadful. I for one don't believe God exists and I don't see how anyone else can believe that he/she does.

  • Perfect cannot be imperfect

    (Accidentally put this as a reply to someone else but...) A perfect being would be incapable of creating anything that is imperfect. To say that it could makes the being imperfect. This idea that people think god is perfect and created imperfect things like humans, the universe, animals, etc...Is to project their imperfect inadequacies on that being.

  • A perfect God created a perfect Man

    God is perfect and created man in His image. God also wanted man to love Him as He loved man. God in His perfection knew that for man to love Him as He loved man would require man having the ability to reject that love. God, in His perfection, knows that a forced love is no love at all. For that reason, He had to give man free will. Man has to be able to reject God and His love (with consequences) so that if man loves God, it is as perfect as the love God has for us...It is an unending love that is freely given and God desires us to want to love Him.

  • God created us perfect

    God created us perfect. It was because of our sins that we have punishment. It was because Adam and Eve sinned against God that they were thrown out of the garden of paradise. God created us perfect but we were the ones who messed things up! God created man but man created money. God created one man and one woman to live together in peace. We created homosexuality. God made us perfect.

  • We were perfect

    When god made everything he made us and all other things perfect. It was OUR choice to turn to sin, our freewill. God can't make something imperfect because He is perfect. I am not saying god is not omnipotent, I am saying He is good, holy, and perfect. God sent Christ so that we could be saved from our imperfection and be perfected. God can't be in our presence because our imperfection is sin.

  • God Does Not Create Imperfect Things.

    God created the world perfect according to the bible and therefore he does not create anything imperfect, but created creatures with choice. Choice is not imperfect but led to sin. Adam eating the forbidden fruit (his choice) brought sin into the world which then made everything in the world imperfect.

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