Could a relationship between a 12 year old girl and a bunch of 50 year old men work?

  • Such kind of relationships are normal

    There is no right age for relationships. Yes, It would work, If it's consensual, And not forced.

    It would work, Because at the age of 12, Girls have already reached sexual maturity. For now, Natural things, Like this kind of relationship, Are stigmatized. I hope that in the future these relationshipt will be less stigmatized, And more accepted.

  • Yes it could

    Now for reasons I can’t explain it’s just love and everyone needs love and love is love as its sacred and I just know that two guys would back me up on this and one of them would be sonicbro2000 who’s constantly getting backlash for just speaking his mind (idk why)

  • I hate saying this but. . .

    Children at the age of 12 are just that. Children. They're unable to consent because their brains aren't developed enough. I hate saying stuff like this because i remember as a child i wanted to prove to everyone that i was smart and could make my own decisions. But i couldn't. Because i was a child. Please for the love of the gods, Atleast wait until they're at the legal age of consent!

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