Could a relationship between an African American and a white nationalist work?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Too late it already happened

    This uber nationalist with tattoos married is with an African American women. They both seem very happy and the man even turn from his previous beliefs and acknowledge that he was wrong to believe those those things.
    They probably will have a child together and it could probably happen again with other people.

  • No. Because blacks are marxist and anti nationalist.

    Understand this. If the black and white are both nationalist, Love their country and do not listen to the democrat or even worse, BLM. If they are both conservative in politic. Yes, It will work.
    But this looking for a unicorn.
    The vast majority of black are marxist, Help BLM, And don't care about their country that they think STILL slave them.
    It will not work.

  • Involving self respect.

    Any self respecting african american could never bring themselves to date a racist white nationalist. Women should not let a man who hates or disrespects her on any level to enter her life or her body. Men should not waste time with women with superiority complexes. Find a better gal, Guys.

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MrFarRight says2021-04-22T04:45:25.330
This would make a interesting TV show not gonna lie

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