Could Afghanistan's prospects be turned around (yes) or is it a lost cause (no)?

  • Could function under non-westernized leadership.

    A lot of the problems in Afghanistan have a cultural origin. Any government elements with ties or endorsements from the west will not be popular. There is a way to have a successful leadership in Afghanistan, but it must come from native leaders who know what the people of that country need. Any people endorsed by the United States will seen as a puppet. But with the right leaders in place, Afghanistan can at least function as a nation.

  • Yes, I think Afghanistans prospects can be turned around.

    I think that while Afghanistan is facing many issues from terrorism to political unrest I think that overall they will eventually be able to turn it around and provide a stable Government and economy for their citizens, I think that it will always be difficult to do so in that region but it is possible.

  • Afghanistan can be turned around

    Afghanistan was once a flourishing, growing nation with an open society. It was only after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets that the Taliban gained power and closed off society. With the Taliban now reeling after repeated blows to their structure during the US occupation of Afghanistan as well as the Pakistani army's efforts, Afghanistan could once again become a flourishing nation if international pressure, development, and awareness keep their leaders on an appropriate path.

  • Lost cause for the west

    I think that if Afghanistan is going to be turned around then it is Afghanis that are going to have to do it. The west is not going to be able to navigate the tribal allegiances from the north and the south part. Likely they will have to work it out themselves.

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