Could aliens' existence coincide with the Bible?

Asked by: JadieBee
  • Bible is not word for word true.

    The bible is a historical document of stories that are meant to be taught as life lessons in order to lead your life in a better way. It is possible that alien life exists, but since it was not known about several thousand years ago, then it wasn't put in the bible. Just cause it's not included does not mean that the Bible is faulty.

  • Just as they would with any other fictional book.

    I know many Christians don't like to hear it, but the Bible isn't a literal book and it's not a factual book. It's most likely a collection parables with a little history thrown in -- The Da Vinci Code of its time, if you will. Asking if alien existence could coincide with the Bible is like asking if it could coincide with Microsoft Word For Dummies. Yes, it could, and it ultimately doesn't matter, now, does it?

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