• It might just already be one

    All the surveillance is a sign of it. They are literally creating an empire by having all those military bases around the world. And that is not a sign of security, it is a sign of an empire. They are trying to rule the word. Interfering in the security issues of other countries is not cool.

  • It already is one

    Obama is America's 2nd dictator after Lincoln, the middle class is getting screwed and Obama doesn't care, why? Because he is rich.
    We need to impeach Obama, he is the 2nd worst president we've had after Lincoln, Lincoln was a racist though. Obama is a terrorist muslim and needs to be stopped.

  • America is already a Dictatorship

    Dictatorships can sometimes be good, like in the Roman Empire certain people became Dictators to solve certain issues and than resigned.
    However in America the current Dictatorship is bad.

    The elite classes dictate what policies are put in place that can encourage their business and corporations and increase profits. Just look at the food industry. Also these elites are the true power, Presidents are simply spokesmen for them.

    Externally America dictates to the World how things should be through its militaristic foreign policies. Anyone who voices opposition is a terrorist or commy.

  • Big Brother is Watching you

    Due to the recent advances in surveillance technology, (and technology in general) it is certainly and I would even venture to say inevitably conceivable for America to become a dictatorship in the near future. All of you should be aware that plans to integrate mankind with machine (transhumanism) is a reality and a result of this will be 24/7 monitoring by the government. Whose to say after such integration that they couldn't even go has far as to control us "for our own good."

  • Liberty is slowly eroding.

    With every presidency there comes more power for the executive branch and less for the legislative. The current executive branch has been so bold as to put-it-out-there that they will "go around" the legislative branch to do what what they want. If that isn't a path forward to dictatorship, then I don't know what is. But, hey, you get what you vote for and until America starts living heads-up rather than texting and sexting all the time, our liberties will continue to erode at the hands of the socialists and Marxists in charge.

  • Could means just that.

    America could become a dictatorship and North Korea could become a democracy. Justin Beiber could stop been an idiot and the Original Guns and Roses could get back together. However, it does not mean it will happen.

    So now that I know I have misunderstood the question purposefully, what is it really?

  • I think it is possible

    All it would take is for the economy to get to a point of decline not seen since, and worse than, the Great depression; for the government to become more corrupt and incompetent; and for crime and disorder to become the order of the day. Which would either lead to revolution or a military coup. An authoritarian regime takes over, suspends the constitution, and declares martial law.

  • Democracy meets corona hoax.

    Since the surfacing of this whole covid19 scam, Travel has been limited, Business forced to close, People forced to stay indoors. Fear and panic is the new norm. Government control is wild and ramped. Currency has lost value, And in many cases impossible to ear. If our current state is not a dictatorship, Then tell me, What is?

  • We are experiencing the development of USA dictatorship

    With all of the rage being Donald Trump efforts to deport Mexicans and his blocked temporary Muslim ban for ninty days, this could be the beginning of a dictatorship against all non Caucasians within the United States of America, just research this screwed up BS that the corrupt POTUS is doing, I'm afraid that America has just fallen into a proganda filled trap by the prophet.

  • It's Gonna Happen

    I am telling you that the US of A, one of the oldest republics on earth, will eventually fall to an authoritarian regime.
    Remember the NSA spying? This is bringing us one step further to dictatorship. Intervening in Ukraine and Russia may get us even closer!

    Just telling you, It's Gonna Happen.

  • No, never, not in a million years

    No it is almost crazy for someone to support this. America is not that corrupt and has far too many checks/balances for it to become corrupt. We have these useful watch dogs called "reporters" who's one job and goal in life is to make politicians life misery, if you do something bad, you'll be caught. Second for a dictator to get power you have to have the people's support and what do the Americans hold so high, their "freedom" . How many Americans do you know would seriously support a dictator. So many reasons put this aside and I just cannot think of them all but seriously not in a million years.

  • People Wouldn't Let It

    Let's just say for a minute that America underwent a radical coup and set up a dictatorship. Why would ANY American support it?
    Big businesses want to be left alone. Even if they are corrupt as everyone seems to believe, they would be perfectly happy in the current situation. Corp's depend on a wide market in the States, and a happy/prosperous market at that.
    The rest of the population would certainly not support a dictatorship. Both sides of the spectrum would be upset. Conservatives want less government with fewer laws/regulations. Democrats would declare it a violation of human rights.
    Immediately after this supposed coup, militias would form across the country. I mean half of us own firearms, we would easily be able to resist. Enforcement of the regime would be nearly impossible.
    But, what about the military? They could suppress any rebellions! Well, they could, assuming most soldiers were in favor of a dictatorship. Everyone in the military is a citizen, and they all have beliefs/opinions. Most, even in the upper levels, would not support an all-powerful government. They simply would rebel as well.
    Any attempt at making a dictatorship would fail within a month. Americans are too proud of their 'freedom' and 'democracy.'

  • That is Virtually Impossible

    The United States has so many securities in place to prevent that from happening I would say it is virtually impossible. We have a permanent Congress and Supreme Court that both would not allow a dictatorship to rise. If you look at the most sophisticated of nations in the world they are all safely secured as democracies and republics. There are only a select few developed countries that are monarchies in the Middle East and their success is notably held back because of it. The United Arab Emirates, for example, is ruled by a notoriously uncorrupt federation of monarchies that actually allows for a sense of democracy so even their system is actually relatively democratic when compared to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an absolute Monarchy which is, in my opinion, largely held back because of it. Democracy always overcomes dictatorships in history.

  • No, it would never happen.

    If we are using the actual definition of a dictatorship, one or a small number of people gaining and holding power by military force, then no, the U.S. will never become one. At least not in its current form. Civil war and anarchy would be the more likely response to any attempt at a dictatorial overtake, with many of the states braking away from the union just like they did when Lincoln was elected.

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tahir.imanov says2014-02-02T14:16:39.680
It is already a dictatorship. The corporative dictatorship.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-03T20:24:59.513
Corporate entities control the Government.

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