• Yes, we could learn a few things

    I think the biggest thing we can learn, is the fact they didn't waste anything. We are so wasteful its not even funny. The Indians used every resource to the max,but times are different. The land has changed and so has many other things. I think a progression of their tactics and our own would be good.

  • Americans can learn from Natives

    The Native American populations of our country have learned certain techniques for living with and in and through the land, techniques that would prove valuable to any American today. We should remember the ways that our predecessors have lived with the landscapes that we now inhabit, lest we forget their importance.

  • They use all parts.

    Yes, Americans could stand to learn a few things from the American Indians and how they treat the native land, because they are better at respecting a land. When the Native Americans kill an animal, they use all the parts of the animal, whether it be for clothing or for food.

  • Yes We Could

    It is doubtful after all this time that Americans will learn anything from the native population. This is something we should have considered from the beginning, especially before the immigrants (us) slaughtered many of the natives. Americans are wasteful and obsessed with material objects, success, the economy. All of these things have a negative impact on our land.

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