• Ignorance is believing anarchy would not work!

    The stupid arguments for government are totally irrational!
    What you people are saying is that the majority are too dumb, irresponsible or selfish to govern themselves but a minority of self serving sociopaths can decide what's best for the majority of us!
    These sociopaths are not even being chosen by the majority but by an aristocracy who then use disasters or attacks by individuals to impose wars on innocent individuals and remove freedoms from the rest of us! Those that are afraid to self govern themselves are cowards so own up to your own fears!!!

  • Yes but a huge shift in social perspective is required.

    Under the current system anarchy would descend into chaos because society at present is profit driven and depends hugely on government rule. Strip away that mindset and it could work. Remember, our species survived an ice age without religion, government or taxes. We did it by community cooperation and adabtibilty.

  • Anarchy is freedom.

    Anarchy gives individuals the right to express themselves in everything they do. The society in which the anarchy thrives will decide if an individual is incapable of taking their own life into their own hands. The society will take control over the people that find challenge in controlling their own abilities to sustain the life they have been given. Example being: A rapist takes a toll on a poor little girls life, the society will take care of this disease to their free society.

  • Theoretically, yes, but would require lot's of work.

    The people would be free of constraints the government place on the market, and a genuinely free market would exist. If citizens could communicate and cooperate then there would be peace and society would flourish. There would be perfect competition across the market. The only downfall of anarchy would be a Totalitarian state or civil unrest. It really is an amazing idea and needs to be experimented with. I also believe that a Libertarian Government is the next step to such a social state and could be achieved in the near future.

  • Yes we do.

    I believe that anarchy in a way is more individualized than a larger government. Obviously with a government you have to deal with decision making and who is going to be the leader and what not. If we can reach further into the future of society we can see a better possibility of it happening. We will learn more civilized sorts of manners. We would live in a world with no consideration for each persons opinion, and why would you care for someones opinion if their some lazy American.

  • To an extent

    But you have to look at a world with no government put yourself in that situation how would anyone get anything done if people do there's gonna be people who argue so you can't do anything about it apart from take them down to Coventry what would be the currency if there is one what would you do whats the money system etc. Plus there's always gonna be that group which decides to be leaders. But a world with no government does look good I took a look at this website about anaracism and it's really helpful I think we would have to become a lot more civilised to sort out jobs etc. But to be honest I'm an anarchist myself and I love the idea of it. I'm gonna have to say yes and no mate. (even if I am an anarchist)

  • Yes, in a perfectly ideal situation.

    Technically there are situations where anarchy could work. Are they likely to pop up in the modern world? No. But are they possible? Of course. A hypothetical situation of ten good-hearted people crashing upon a deserted island could work as a form of anarchy. Everybody provides for themselves and works for themselves, and may even help others. There is no greed for power because there is no power to be had. It is unlikely, but it is possible.

  • Yes, but it requires a far more advanced society than we have now

    Government exits to create order, supply standards, and to compensate for failures in communication and cooperation that exist within a population. Ideally, even when a powerful government exists, it does not have to create or enforce many special rules, as the citizens cooperate and communicate among themselves. Given the enormous complexities of domestic and international activity, a centralized method of organization seems essential, but if a system and culture evolved that could see the people informed and involved enough to play their part without a need for central delegation, a society without government could function well.

  • Hey man what is up dude

    I know this will work due to all of the things the government that is place right now, He even came out and said that he would like to switch to this way but for some reason we don't switch. I know we can switch and I think that we should. :)

  • Hey man whats up

    I know this will work due to all of the things the government that is place right now, He even came out and said that he would like to switch to this way but for some reason we don't switch. I know we can switch and I think that we should. :)

  • Maybe in the future

    The way the world is now is not worthy of anarchy being in this time in the now with all the weapons in bombs people are making. Without the police and enforcing men in suits people would be getting raped and abused everyday because they think it right. So once the world is back to being a good place for people not to fear for their own lives and family's then anarchy should not be allowed to work in this day and age.

  • Anarchy would cause a society filled with chaos.

    Due to an absence of laws and a police force, people could be put through cruel or unusual punishments or even killed in an anarchist society for breaking rules, depending on who is doing the judging. Government makes sure that most people are treated equally. In an anarchist society people would most likely regress to an almost tribal way of life, feuding with other communities, and there would possibly be many riots due to this.

  • Inevitable social hierarchy/ order

    It is in human nature to either rely on someone or become the person relied on. You are either a leader or a sheep. There can be no balance if we are all sheep with no guidance, and eventually someone (most likely the smartest or strongest of the group) will become the person they rely on and eventually little by little this creates social hierarchy even if not it is not intentional. Not to mention there will always be someone greedy or envious enough to try and take control. Even animals have social hierarchies. It's normal and in our nature. Therefor we will never have a successful Anarchy, especially not on a large scale.

  • People can be irresponsible, reckless, and greedy just to get what they want.

    Many can irresponsible reckless and greedy based on the world we have today. They can do what ever they want even kill and hurt others. READ/WATCH THE NEWS!!!!! Many things happen that we can't explain. SO, no I don't think anarchy could ever work in this world today, we are just too reckless

  • People are thoughtless and greedy.

    I do not think a system of self governance would work.
    People are naturally self centred and greedy and always want more than others.
    For example, communism is a good idea until you realise that the
    leaders have wealth and power and the normal people are subjugated.
    Anarchy is fine as a concept but I feel it would degenerate into a survival of the fittest where bully boys would rule the roost.

  • Not with the people we have now

    Currently, we are in a state of scrambling for what we can get, and when we have the illusion of being able to get everything, it would be the downfall of less needy individuals. Your freedom ends where someone else's begins, and in anarchy, there would be invasion of freedom on so many levels. This, for me, qualifies as not working

  • A Person is smart, but People are dumb

    Diversity of opinions, would ultimately be the downfall of a Anarchy system. In order for it to work, would require an entire community or society to think the same way. Disagreements on forms of punishment, and civil rights, will cause people to break off into different groups or tribes with a different set of morals. Thus creating conflict between these different groups.

    We can see this without Anarchism in our current politics, Leftist, The Right, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals. People are separated by different ideas on how a society should run. As long as these separate opinions exist, Anarchy is impoosible

  • It can exist but it can't last. Therefore, doesn't work.

    After the state of anarchy becomes a reality, people would organize in groups so they could take control of some space, resources and settle there to live. There would be territory disputes due natural resources, geography, weather. We can't grant that people will cooperate with each other, that people will live in peace because we know that the odds point to murder, thefts, rape, torture, kidnapping people(...)

    Also, and to support the headline directly, this groups that would be created would grow as they eliminate the weaker groups and soon they would need someone or some little group to make the important decisions. A govern would appear. Anarchy would only be a form of killing people and changing countries borderlines so it can't never work or be allowed to be tried.

  • Anarchy is another way of saying insanity.

    Anarchy would not work because anarchists would rise into a select group of people ruling over the anarchy, meaning yes, there would be a government after a while. However, because of anarchy meaning ¨a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority¨, it would mean that many people would die in the process.

  • Anarchy is really a figment of people's imagination that can never really exist.

    There will always be someone or a group 'calling the shots' so to speak, similarly to a government. You can't not have some kind of ruling government system, someone's opinion/authority will always matter more than someone else's. People will always have differing opinions on how society should function which will result in authoritative clashes. Even the self-proclaimed anarchist group that says 'lets all work together to come to a reasonable conclusion' will in a subtle way be saying, 'listen to me, I know what is best' making himself/herself into a kind of government. There must be government and policy (hopefully a good kind) that will establish some stability and accountability in society.

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