• Yes he can

    Bob the builder can he fix it, bob the builder yes he can! Bob the builder can he fix it bob the builder yes he can! I watch that show everyday and I beliiv that anything is prosibro and we can all be what we want, even if it is a potato yay.

  • Uh. Obviously not

    Why would anyone think anything could escape? Black holes have, as many say, infinite gravity, or at least many, many G's. Once anything reaches the event horizon, there is absolutely not way for it to return or come back. If a human attempted to go into a black hole, he would be slowly torn apart, atom by atom. As he came upon the event horizon, his body would begin to stretch and flatten out with the gravity, pulling him apart slowly and painfully. The gravity of a black hole is so great that it even effects light, not allowing it to exit. Not even light can escape the darkness. People say that no matter what, light will prevail. But in this situation, that saying is not true.

  • No, that's why it's called a black hole.

    No, nothing can escape a black hole, because of the nature of its structure. When something enters a black hole, it is lost forever. Nothing can escape it. Black holes are a vortex, and the structure of it is that once something falls into a black hole, it will never find a way out. It is irreversible.

  • Nothing would be able to escape.

    There is nothing known or theorized that would be able to escape a black hole. The gravitional pull is far to strong, and anything caught within that will get sucked in. Light, the fastest know thing in the universe is not able to escape a black hole, so why would anything else.

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