• Armed school workers could prevent killings

    Armed school workers could prevent killings. This is because of the fact that having an armed person in school will deter people from committing crimes that they otherwise thought they could get away with had they thought there was no armed personnel. Also, if someone is on a killing spree, it could be ended quicker by an armed school worker.

  • Technically yes, they could

    I am against this idea. I am against guns in general. I think adding them to any scenario makes the scenario worse, and that includes employees of schools having them.

    With all that said, I'm not going to deny that armed guards have the potential of stopping shootings. I'd add that an armed worker having a bad day could just as easily turn the gun on innocents as somebody bursting into the school, so while it could technically help, I still do not support it.

  • Yes, but read on

    Could they stop shooters? Sure they could. That, unfortunately, is where those supporting the idiotic idea of arming school workers stop the thought process. Teachers, janitors, cafeteria workers etc have bad days too, and you're literally arming them in the middle of a place they're supposed to be. They're just as likely to snap and fire at innocents and arming them is a horrendous idea.

  • Risky, but yes.

    I have no problem with the right people being allowed to carry firearms at school. After hearing about all of these horrific school shootings, if a school worker carrying around a gun will prevent innocent and young people from getting gunned down, then I say why not? Sounds like a fair trade.

  • Armed school workers could not prevent killings.

    Educators should not be expected to serve as armed guards in schools. The solution to school violence is to limit the availability of guns. Having more guns in schools and around children is bound to result in more violence. Educators are not even trained to handle fire arms, and they should not be expected to act as soldiers.

  • Armed School Workers Would Not Prevent Killings

    No, armed school workers would not prevent killings and in fact may cause more. An armed school worker may accidentally catch other people in the crossfire with would-be killers. In addition, due to the theory of escalation, arming school workers would only cause would-be killers to use deadlier weapons in turn.

  • Armed School Workers Will Not Prevent Anything

    School workers being armed is not a good idea. It encourages violence and will not stop violence in schools. School staffs should not have guns around kids. It can lead to a lot of incidents that would be prevented if there were no guns or weapons in schools at all.

  • No, it could lead to more tragedy

    Students or other people could potentially get ahold of the gun. There could be false alarms that lead to tragedy. It would also put a large amount of pressure on the staff. Better security in schools is the answer, not arming the staff. I would not feel comfortable having my kids in class with armed teachers.

  • No, they would probably cause more problems

    Have you every met someone who, without extensive police or military training, you would trust with a gun? I sure haven't. It takes quite a bit of training and discipline to be able to handle yourself in high pressure, life-or-death situations. Most people panic, and that panic causes injury *without* the added danger of a fire arm. If we were to arm school workers, we would end up with more innocent casualties. Just look at the statistics for home fire arms--how many people who own a gun have thwarted an attack? How many of those same people have caused major injury or death due to misuse of those fire arms? There is significantly more injury due to misuse and accidental discharge of fire arms in homes than protection granted through ownership. This same thing would happen in our schools. Accidents would become a commonplace problem.

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