Could atheism be considered as much as a faith as Christianity?

Asked by: BrianD.Fer
  • It still requires faith.

    Atheism requires just as much faith as a religion such as Christianity, though in a different way. Atheist place their faith in logic and reasoning instead of a higher power. A common argument against Christianity and other religions is that there is no hard evidence, so these religions are considered faiths because you place your faith in something that can not be proven. But science, though technically "proven", still requires you to place faith in it. We do not have a complete understanding of the world, and science is constantly changing. Five thousand years ago because of the level of science available you would most likely believe the Earth is flat and the center of the universe. You would hold these to truths, and would have no reason to disagree with it. Just think of all that we have wrong through science as of know, but you put faith in that it is true.

  • That is just ridiculous.

    I am not an atheist. I am more agnostic/ spiritual. Atheism has nothing to do with faith. In fact it's the lack off faith rather. The earth is a sphere there is countless pictures and accounts and data proving that. How is there any faith involved? Are you telling me in a couple of thousand years suddenly technology advances and we find the earth is actually 1 dimensional? That is just ridiculous.

    You say that people believed the earth was flat. Well, the theist were strongly against the idea of a sphereical earth and scientist who made such claims were made a laughing stock and look down upon strongly. Until the evidence was overwhelming that the earth is a sphere.

    So it's the theist's fault in that scenario for majority believing that the earth is flat. The non theist or agnostic or free thinkers. Whatever you may name them. Were working to get the news out there, the fact out there.

    After the evidence got overwhelming than did that religion change it's preaching to match and say the earth is a sphere.

  • No faith required.

    Atheism is faith like "off" is a TV channel
    Atheism is faith like not collecting stamps is a hobby
    Atheism is faith like bald is a hair color
    Atheism is faith like not kicking kittens is animal abuse

    Atheism is not a religion. It is not a belief. It's an absence of belief in claims that are absent of evidence and logic.

    We don't have a word for people who don't believe in astrology. We wouldn't call them "non-astrologers"
    "non unicornists"
    "non leprachauners"
    "non ghostites"

    There's a difference between having faith in something, and having knowledge that something will work. Debating with believers I often find myself defending against arguments from semantics. The colloquial understanding of faith isn't the accurate description, and no matter how the words get twisted and frayed, ultimately a believer approaches an absence of faith with a subjective perspective.

    This longstanding myth that atheists require faith is an argument from personal incredulity - if a person cannot imagine something being true, than it must be false.

  • No but its Close

    I would say its definitely close, They tend to write off Christian arguments with faith based arguments such as the multiverse. They also have no good explanation for what morality is or how morals work ("mechanically" speaking) even when acknowledging when religions have a good explanation for this. Occasionally there will be other scientific conundrums such as an "external observer" on the universe that most physicist acknowledge is likely but don't belive in Almost by definition atheists (though an atheist could hold atheistic beliefs purely on faith but that does not tend to follow the general line of argument) lack faith, So by that very nature atheists have less faith in general.

  • Do you call bald a hair color?

    This tends to be typical wordplay by theists.
    Faith has a few different definitions.
    1: strong belief or trust in someone or something
    2: belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs
    3: a system of religious beliefs
    (Faith)1 in the pilots skill to fly the plane.
    The Christian (faith)3
    To claim they are one and the same means that any time you trust someone, you are making them a god because you have faith in them.
    No surprise this person is a theist, they always misinterpret everything and replace the real meaning with their own false one.

  • Atheism is Disbelief or Lack Of Belief in God(s), as Even Babies Are Atheists as They Lack Belief:

    An Agnostic is Uncertainty about whether a God exists or not, thus an agnostic is a fence sitter between Theism and Atheism.
    Whereas an Atheist does not concern themselves with a God, because either they are not aware there is such a thing (natural Atheism) or they are so knowledgeable about Theology and understand that Theology is nonsense, so they totally disbelieve in God.
    There are many variations between the two.
    Essentially all babies are Atheists at birth (not agnostic) because to have no concept of God is Atheism, not Agnosticism.
    An agnostic has knowledge of God, but is unsure whether to believe in it or not.
    So many on DDO have gotten their definitions wrong repeatedly.
    Definitions: "Agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God."
    See, they know of God, only think nothing can really be known. Essentially an Agnostic is a Skeptic concerning God.
    Atheist: "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods".
    Both from Google online dictionary.
    See, Lack of Belief in God is Atheism, not Agnosticism.
    Thus we are born Atheists, because children have no idea of God, thus Lack Belief In God.
    Get it RIGHT for Once Dudes! :-P

  • No, as it has no tenants.

    For Atheism to be considered a faith it should have tenants like Christianity. Atheism has no tenants all it is the disbelief in a god. So how can you equate two things which are not the same? The only way you can do this, is if you have a faulty understanding of what one of these positions is. So in this question their is either a misunderstanding of what Christianity or Atheism is.

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