• Auto-pilots are best

    If pilots are so good at flying planes, then why are there auto-pilots. Wouldn't you want a high-tech computer flying you around rather than a human that can easily make tons of mistakes? Of course. Everybody makes at leas one mistake every single day. We're human, so we all make mistakes because nobody is perfect.

  • Everything is always possible

    That does not mean I am going to totally trust these cars and planes without drivers. They should always have someone in the car or plane to override any malfunctions these machines could cause. Nothing is perfect and mishaps always happens, no matter how good we make technology. Technology is made by man, and man is far from perfect.

  • Sounds Dangerous To Me

    I know humans are flawed but I think we do a better job of driving cars and piloting airplanes than computers would. I suppose it is possible that there will be a time in the future where this is not the case, but we are far away from that possibility at this very moment.

  • Yes, science will make this a possibility.

    As we move into the future, technology becoming cheaper and more innovative will make this a possibility. There's no doubt about it. Google is already working on driver-less cars and it's a matter of time before they're the norm. The same could be said for planes with no pilots. Pretty soon, the technology will catch up.

  • Humans are necessary

    The more automation is being expanded, the more we see the need for humans to be included in making decisions and taking care of things that computers cannot. Cars without drivers and planes without pilots would be a horrible idea and would not allow for mistakes or sudden decisions being made.

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