• Yes I do agree.

    I believe that China in being more wealthy and more technologically advanced than us could beat us in a war. I truly believe that we can put up a good fight as the American people. However, we are grossly outnumbered and that will ultimately make the decision. Our weaponry even comes from China.

  • We are too cool

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  • China is way more powerfull

    The fact that China has over 1 million troops with over 10million in reserves with conscription adding to that. China has more technological advanced weopons. And have enough stockpilled ore and weopons than any other nation. There AA defence is the best in the world They would have russia and most of asia behind them. Invading america would be easy as they would invade from alaska peninshula. Russia would then take europe and win. China has been building its warmachine for years with no major conflict draining funds. America cannot afford a major conflict they are near bankrupt as it is. Detroit, baltimore and iowa are some off own countries that are now bankrupt. America will not win

  • USA sucks d

    Thye have already fought china iin indirect wars in korea and vietnam and lost both, and this was back in the 20th century when china was poor asf so what makes you think that they can beat china now after so many years of developmetna nd technilogical advancement s s ?

  • China is getting stronger by the day.

    China is getting stronger in influence meaning it has gain powerful allies like russia, brazil and many more while the us fear and power project in at least the pacific south west is aging and our allies are laughing in our face and taking advantage of our protection of them. If a conflict was to erupt the 1 billion+ chinese population would be set into a war made economy that could destroy america in ways that their manpower and industrial workers would more than double. The chinese would have difficulty invading mainland because of the us defensive pacific shores if they were too but in terms of maritime war america would sufffer because china have carrier sinking missiles and have the ability to call up on millions to prepare numerous ships, weapons, and weapons of mass destrution.

  • Quality vs Quantity

    Right now, no, China wouldn't go to the war with the US since we are jump starting their economy. But wait let's say 30-40 years and they would've built up their military with their industrial capacity while our military and nation are in a state of decline.

    For those that say the US has a qualitative advantage on the battlefield, China has numbers and quantity is a quality. For example, look at ww2, Germany made some of the finest tanks of the world with grandiose quality and craftsmanship but say for every 1 Tiger tank Germany could churn out, the USSR could produce 10-20 shabbily built, ragtag T-34's which overwhelmed the Germans. The same would happen to the US. If not, a worse scenario where China could make equal or superior weapons.

    To sum it up in a few short words, they will have the manpower and industrial capacity to take us on.

  • China's military couldn't do a thing

    China's military is a fraud. It is filled with inexperienced soldier who's basic training is singing communist songs and studying ideology all day. The last time their military was deployed was in 1989 when they killed hundreds of unarmed civilians protesting for democracy in Beijing. Plus they lack any central military structure at all. Their air and naval forces are severely out numbered too. And has anyone considered that it might be hard to fully arm a 2 and a half million person army! China's no match for the United States.

  • Does an elephant fly?

    This is an outrageously irrational question. First off, China would never ever declare a war on America. That would go against their own self interest and the cost would outweigh the benefit on a libra like Snorlax would Caterpie. If we are being realistic, China's main ally would be NK, whereas America would have SK and most of Europe. China would also probably be able to get some third world army personnel to try and finally dismantle the global hegemon blah blah, but the pure power of the US and our allies would be unstoppable. Our nuclear capabilities our unmatched by any other state. Our military arsenals are unmatched by any other state. And our geographic location puts us in a prime spot to be protected from any unknown invasions. Again my money is on that this would never happen, but if it did, China could not match out pure military strength/ stability, China could not match our nuclear capabilities, China could never get onto American soil safely (America could use SK to get to China), and the allies of the US would overpower any allies of China. China may get all the cray crays, but there is just no way they could match the US's resume.

  • Hordes and stolen technology, can't beat the free world

    The united states, has enough nuclear weapons in its arsenal, to make china uninhabitable for the next thousand years. American interception missiles, could defend against China's basic nuclear deterrent. China has to many problems, with human rights, and keeping its populations dissent in check. Nothing better for anti communist revolutionary do than knock off the leadership while the armies away. Mutually assured destruction, it the thing that will prevent such a war from happening, as the Chinese foolish, with their nuclear weapons.

  • The US has too large of a technological advanatge

    China's military outnumbers the US' military by a significant amount. However, numbers don't win wars. The US has a Navy and Air Force that far outweigh their Chinese counterparts. The US would be able to provide air support and prevent Chinese air support in too many engagements for pure numbers to matter. The US could prevent any sort of mainland invasion via its superior Air Force and Navy.

  • No it would be a tie

    Neither the US nor China can invade the other. The logistics are impossible. US can't occupy that populated of a country. But the US also has a large population and no matter how many people China conscripts it would be like their Vietnam and would end with their defeat. Also, in any war we'd have to carefully make a treaty and hold to it that nuclear weapons are not used during the war or else we'll both lose along with the rest of the world because of vast nuclear stockpiles on both sides.

  • No, I do not believe China could beat the United States in a war.

    I do not believe China could beat the United States in a war. Even though China is the world's most populous country and certainly would have more manpower than the U.S., I think that our country is more advanced and sophisticated with weapons and war strategies. I think our leaders are more knowledgeable and strategic than China's leaders.

  • Nobody wins...Get it?

    No because the war would have to end up going nuclear and that is not likely to happen. China and/or Russia understands the MAD concept. The press likes to scare everyone and make them think that China and Russia have their fingers on the trigger ready to destroy us. Actually they are like children..."look at me im have a stronger military than you!". The Russian and Chinese leaders probably laugh and swell up with pride when the press puts out articles about their firepower. Its simple...We all die in a nuclear exchange. Even radical leaders dont want to live in a world that thats burnt to a crisp and uninhabitable where they have to live underground like moles.

  • We are too cool

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  • Right Now? No.

    China has the numbers but we are more technologically advanced. After being in the military, I have realized that the general public is about 5 to 6 years behind on information regarding our current technology. We are more advanced than anyone in this world might realize and I hope we keep it this way. With that being said, we are boosting China's economy at a rapid pace and if we continue, it might lead to our downfall (Hopefully not). We need to find a way to change our trade deficit into a trade surplus. We have to start exporting more good than we are importing, like we used to. By doing this, we will remain in a position of great power.

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