• China could easily beat the USA

    I think that it would be easy for China to beat the US in a war. First off, the US owes a large amount of money to China and it seems that we can't live our daily lives without borrowing money from them. The population of China allows the country an almost unlimited source of soldiers and resources. Many of the people in the US are disillusioned and do not seem to know or care enough to fight for anything.

  • This is why

    Chinese are extremely patriotic. They have been empire in the past and a well founded civilization for more than 5000 years. Their people will fight to death to defend Mother China, their determination and resilience is cultural and not motivated by any salary or payment, opposite to the values in the USA. In the vent of a World war the US army will suffer a mayor decrease on human power. A considerable percentage of their soldiers are illegal immigrants who have join the army to obtain their legal documents, more than 90% of these soldiers would run away... Their only interests is to have better opportunities in life, one thing is to take the risk going to Afghanistan, another one is to go to War against China.
    And...Lets face it... North Corea, Iran and most importantly, Russia would join China... The USA has no chance... One Russian Soldier has the mindset and the military training to take on 5 or more US troops... American marines are kids pretending to be GI-Joe... By the time they realize war is real, it would be already too late...

  • Quite easily, and humiliate the latter too.

    The question is, first of all, broad to acquire any type of intelligent answer. If a war between China and the US were to happen, it is more likely to take place around and over Taiwan. Assuming that is the case instead of an illogical all-out total war, China can quite easily humiliate the US in a war due to the fact that the US have very little advantage over the Chinese while the Chinese have overwhelming advantages against the US.

  • Well, China can beat USA in a war, but it has to be on or near the Chinese soil.

    I am Chinese, but I will try to be not biased. The truth is, America does not have a chance beating the Chinese on Chinese soil. However, the Chinese does not have a chance at beating the Americans on American soil also. I agree that America have a much greater technology and more well equipped soldiers, but Chinese military is pretty strong also. Both Country holds a massive amount of nuclear weapons, so both country have to play safe and not bring a end to both countries. I really want to say this because it is very interesting and funny for me. The game Battlefield 4 that is coming out very soon is about America invading China. In real life, it is not possible. If China did get invaded and they are fighting a war in Shang Hai, which is almost the most important city in China, I would choose to launch the nuclear missiles and tell the Americans that you are going too far. Well, it is pretty funny to me that nuclear bombs have helped us achieve world peace, and lets hope to keep it that way.

  • Debt Owed by USA

    By calling in the $1.2 trillion debt that the USA owes China, China can effectively cripple the US's economy, while not completely causing the nation to go bankrupt. However, if China was to stop manufacturing goods for the USA, large corporations like Microsoft, Apple and Wal-Mart would go bankrupt, which then destroys the economy. What companies and stores that remain would then have to raise prices in a crippled economy, and the value of the US dollar would drop drastically. Therefore, China could effectively starve the US civilian population to death by destroying the companies that give the US population it's paychecks.

  • Yes very easily

    The debt that America owes to china can support the Chinese army for decades, and if china forces the us to pay up, the dollar would fall and will not only make china the worlds largest economy , it will also make the worlds most powerful military, that's just step one, if the us is willing to ignore all the banks being bankrupt one by one, and it's angry and robbed citizens, with even more hobos than any country in the world , and still be looking for a fight, than even if china has great losses ,the us won't be able to sustain its military, while china is so populate , it can easily regain or even double its military strength in no time, so for those Americans who think defeating 2 extremely poor countrys with no technological powers USING 10 YEARS , and eventually ran out of money to support the war , and to think America wants to take on china ? If America went suicidal, like North Korea taking on America. , otherwise America will never win a war with china, except bombing little middle eastern country's

  • The ignorance runs deep

    I agree that the US has a superior military than China does. I also agree that the US has superior allies currently. As soon as the US steps too far destabilizing oil producing nations to keep oil exported in the US dollar (petrodollar) China and Russia will intervene. Immediately NATO would catch America's back. The US economy will only be able to borrow money from allied and neutral nations for so long. Not long enough to sustain a long, drawn out far spread war. As nations no longer have to purchase oil set with the US dollar allies will drop. Even the greatest military in the world cannot be effective if their soldiers are not being paid. As control of current oil production shifts away from the US everything will grind to a halt. I am a US military veteran and when I look around at my countrymen i get sick to my stomach. The fat, ignorant, weak, selfish citizens of my nation do not have the wherewithal for world war 3. Watch your television, shop at walmart, feel entitled, and never never read a book. Keep it up comrade.

  • China could crush the dollar which would cause civic unrest.

    If china was to request its money that the US owe them then yes this would crush the dollar , military funding and most importantly banks (which no matter what you say they do run america). Then we would probably just destroy our self from there on out. I mean we would still have military deployed acting as militia for a fallen "empire" but in reality they wouldn't do that because china would just team up with Russia then deploy missiles strikes and some of china's 1.483 million personnel divided into 18 different corps. But if that happens who gets america?

  • You Americans have no idea

    You Americans just naturally think you could beat the Chinese simply because you are from the US of A. What would the Chinese think if they were to comment on this site? Their technology isn't weak, look at the J-10, J-20, type 99G they have developed. The real reason why they have been viewed like this because they do not release their information that easily. China is the closest ally to North Korea, and NK is the most secretive country in the world. I'm British by the way.

  • Yes they could

    Well they could but it won't be easy. While tech will play a huge role i believe foreign allies will play an even bigger role and on that end China has the upper hand why?Because people around the world even white people are tired of the WEST(NATO) and its policies. Its simply an issue of hey whatever that guy has to offer couldn't possibly be worse than what you guys have given us. China has India,N.Korea,Russia as allies all these countries are indipendent military powers. The US has who england,france, spain?Poland?..All these countries get thier military hardware and breastmilk from the USA, not to mention they are weak as crabs in battle(WW2). Germany and S.Korean are more likely to stay neutral, which leaves the US with only one real credible allie Isreal, but don't worry it the big fight ever broke out IRAN(oops i forgot them lol) Syria, Jordan,Lebanon will crush Isreal, and don,t tell me about the 6day war this time they will have matching technology and Isreal will be slaughtered, which would only leave the SAMPSON protocol available for ISreal and by that time i am sure IRAN will posses nuclear weapons. The Saudis will be neutral. And then there is Africa, all its resources will flow into Chinas war machine, if thats not worst they might even supply soldiers-they call them BUFALLO DRAGONS..Lol. I have nothing against the US, i would actually like to see both countries work together so that the insects like us don't suffer when elephants are fighting, but arrogance or twisted ideology will not let the west to broker a true peace.So well...

  • Quality, Quality, Quality.

    The respective technology of the two nations as far as military is concerned leans towards the USA. China has big numbers, but quality always beats quantity. America doesn't have too small numbers itself. The USA also has more experience in fighting war that is also a part of quality. The USA wouldn't stand alone either. We have many allies that would stand with us. The war would prove pointless though. No matter how you slice it, the world economy would be screwed. Not saying China wouldn't put up a good fight, just saying quality > quantity. USA has quality, China has quantity.

  • The U.S.A has laser guns and orbital Defense.

    I live in Canada and trust me i have no love for the Americans....But...There's no way China could actually win a war with the states in a military manner. Not only is the US tech far superior in every way, they have Laser guns mounted on planes, orbital defense to shoot down any and all missiles that would pose a local threat, and a stockpile of weapons that wont run out. Basically all the stuff on the movies, they have. I mean look at the weapons they actually admit to having, do you think thats their best stuff? They got some stuff their saving for a 'special occasion' im sure is very futuristic.
    Sure, the american would not just be able to send troops in, they get whooped, but after they expend all chinas ammo, and level half the country, they could go in and do their bidding.
    There is no country on earth that can actually challenge the U.S.A firepower in any real way. It would take several large nations to bring them down.

  • Bomb Shanghai, Shenzhen etc

    China is a little boy who shows off her toys ( military toys ) without trying them in actual war situations. China will be finished once Shanghai, Shenzhen and some coastal cities are damaged. It will take many decades for China to repair or rebuilt a damaged Shanghai, for example.

  • No, the United States has more air power and nuclear power than China.

    The US has 4 times more air power than China. There's no way for the Chinese Air Force to able to destroy the United States Air Force completely. It would take China more than several years for it to catch up with USAF, by that time, China has already collapsed. The United States of America is much more powerful than China in terms of nuclear power. China won't be able to catch up.

  • The US is capable of blowing up the world if it wants to.

    The United States of America has 20 times more nuclear power than China and has plenty of very powerful nuclear missiles that China does not have. Only the USA has the nuclear missile silo which is 14,000 times more powerful than the atomic bombs that were dropped in Japan. Meaning that one of USA's nuclear missile silos can wipe out and destroy 4 times more than half the Chinese population. The United States has at least 500 nuclear missile silos and no countries in the world ever have those missiles. No other nuclear weapons are as strong or more powerful than the missile silo. Four nuclear missile silos are just enough to blow up the whole world. Be aware that the United States is a lot more stronger than China.

  • Quality over Quantity

    The United States technology far surpasses that of China, we have far more nuclear wattle heads and general weapons. In addition our allies are far superior. We would be aided by European countries with a decent military. I think it would be a contest but no current military can compare to the United States. We have a large military good technology and a large supply of warheads.

  • No they would be outnumbered by USA's western alliances

    No they would be outnumbered by USA's western alliances

    USA would be supported by many other nations. Virtually nobody of significant capability would support China. Every nation appreciates that if china gained world dominance, life would become even more oppressive than it is with the USA as number one superpower. Simply a case of better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know. China could not be allowed to defeat the USA, because if they can defeat the supposed strongest superpower, then every other nation's security is doomed.

    China would be crushed by the alliance of the USA and the rest of the world. Very few nations would want China to dominate the world, because they know full well how oppressive their regime is. The world simply would not tolerate this and would go to war with China in support of the USA. Sadly this scenario could ultimately lead to nuclear war.

    Any signs of significant rising tensions with China and the USA and you will have Japan and Germany re-arming, along with other nations as part of the western alliance against China. China would become geopolitically isolated and a strategic sitting duck for the rest of the world. China is a big country, but its all in one geographic region, so it's really one big target. It's in every other nations interest to form an alliance with the USA, even Russia could benefit from that.

  • Most likely no

    If China attacked the UN would help out America. If America attacked first no one would support the USA unless it was for good cause. North Korea would aid and so would other countries.
    If neither attacked first America would win because of its strong allies and superior military strength.

  • No force projection

    China cannot project force away from their shore. Usa navy is bigger, more expeirienced, more professional, the marine corps is unmatched in combat, the us airforce has the only 5th gen fighters in active duty, and has a budget 13 times larger. The us navy could sink every chinese ship

  • China is unstable and minimal experience

    China is unstable economically even more so than the United States. Every 50 years or so China has an economic bubble that implodes like clockwork and we are coming upon that bubble very soon. They will be brought in to a depression as they rely on the US more than people think. They also have almost no modern day combat experience and would rely on great numbers trying to overwhelm their enemy which means enormous casualties in modern day warfare. The US also has air and naval supremacy that not even the entire world could compete with. An example being that the US has more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. Along with stronger allies and better technology China with North Korea or any other ally save maybe Russia, would be taken down fairly easily.

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reapress1 says2014-05-22T00:58:48.500
I don't vote for either, because no matter what fool or egotistical nut decides that it's a guarantee that the USA or China will win. Wars are fought and won completely on chance.

Eg. If Nazi Germany NEVER invaded the Soviet Union imagine how much more difficult it would have been for the US, Britain, and Canada to breach the "Atlantic Wall". Even if they did the Germans would have had hundreds if not thousands of more tanks and or planes to throw at the Allies only multiplying the casualties on our side, even if we won the war. If Nazi Germany won the battle of the Bulge it's possible the war would have been fought to a stand still on the Western Front.

Everything in war is entirely dependent on chance, all this talk about, technology, strategy, budgets. All of it only offers so much of an advantage, the advantages don't guarantee a victory in war, it only allows more mistakes to be made by whatever side, and still keep on going and get a chance to recover from the mistake or loss.

So "Could China win a war against the US?" yes it very well could, it has the military capability, the technology, the resources, and certainly the economic leverage to pull it off, but with lack of co-operation from other countries, and lack of military projection, a Chinese invasion of the North American Continent is less likely, to the point were it may not happen at all. So a complete surrender from the US to China isn't likely. It's more likely that the US would be fought to a silent surrender where the US would no longer wage war against China cause it's too costly and China keeps the gains it has made (Whatever they may be, if any at all).

Regardless of what could be accomplished by either side I'm sure all sides agree (Unless you're a troll) that neither side would ultimately benefit from the war unless the victory was absolute (Eg. China destroys the US navy with exceptionally minimal losses, and the war is over in less than a month. Or vice versa). Could a war be that absolute, it could, but what it would take for a war to be that absolute has never been accomplished in modern times.
mgdrob says2014-06-07T10:57:26.370
Here is the deal people,if the United States and China ever got into a war (especially nuclear)our goal would be to wipe them out.NO CHINA NO DEBT.
mgdrob says2014-06-07T11:05:44.097
War is war and it is awful,god as my judge i hope i never see it, or do my kids, or my kids kids.I think the bottom line is we as Americans will do whatever needs to be done.GOD HELP US IF IT COMES TO THAT.(WE WILL NOT LOSE A WAR I FEEL,BUT WE WILL DESTROY EVERYBODY IN OUR WAKE TO PROVE THAT POINT...)