• It looks ugly

    First of all it looks really ugly. Second of all if animals eat the litter and then we we the litter it can be very harmful. They also may still be hot so not only can they be harmful the can start fires or even forest fires. They also pollute the air and makes horrible smelling, irritated eye making, disgusting smelling smoke. Also if a animal eats a cigarette butt it can make them choke, die and/or DIE!!!! If cigarette butts are counted as litter people who litter them can get arrested. That is why i think cigarette butts should be counted as litter.

  • Cigarette Butts? Worse Than Litter

    Litter is usually defined as any kind of trash or waste that is that have been disposed improperly and often without approval at inappropriate locations.

    Therefore, cigarette butts are technically litter.

    However, I would also like to say that cigarette butts are more harmful than your usual litter (i.E. Plastic bag or bottle cap). Cigarettes contain hundreds of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, toxins, nicotine, and even urea (found in pee), and their butts are no exception. Imagine tons of cigarette butts lying around in the rain, oozing their toxic chemicals into the ground where it will contaminate groundwater and safe drinking water sources, which can very likely include where you will drink!

    Yep, cigarette butts are definitely litter. And a very dangerous and toxic kind at that.

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