• Why not? College Education should be a right, NOT a privilege!

    College is free in other countries and those countries' economy is perfectly fine. Finland has free to costing very little colleges. Even their best college, in American currency could only cost up to $1000. Germany has college completely free for their residents and encourages their citizens to try for what would be some of the most costly colleges were they in our country.

  • It is in other countries.

    In other countries it is guaranteed that their citizens can go to college for free as long as they meet academic and behavior goals. It is possible through taxation and other means. It is really beneficial to the people because they are educated but they are also not in massive amounts of debt.

  • Yes, with some pretty significant changes

    If the country altered how it funded things, free college education could be an actual thing it offered. It's not as simple as "lower the defense budget and increase the education budget", but that's where it begins and it's not going to happen without that. We spend more on defense than we need to, and a lot of people on both sides of the aisle agree with that. If we start allocating a percentage of that budget more wisely, free college education could be on the table.

  • College education could really be free.

    College education could really be free. There are many other ways in which a college could make money in order to pay expenses. I think that the price to pay to go to college these days are not worth the degree that they are offering. We should give our children access to extend their education if they wanted to.

  • Pell Grants make it possible

    Being a college student, I've learned that as long as someone is eligable for Pell Grants, and only uses that, then yes, college actually can be free. At least, as far as the tuition goes. If the person does not go over the limit, and stick to their requirements, it can be free.

  • Yes it could and should

    College education really should be free in this country. The expense of an education is way too much. Everyone complains about the lack of education but college is not helping. There are many people who want an education but can not afford it. This should never be the case in any society.

  • No it shouldn't

    Where is all the money for free college going to come from? And don't say the government. It will most likely come out of taxes. Colleges won't have enough for supplies for the day, and with no money what should the college do? The quality of a class is very important, correct? So how good will the class be if the teachers aren't getting paid enough and the college runs out of money. What will happen to that college? Good colleges cannot offer free college education. It's unrealistic and will end up with more money for the government.

  • No. It is not truly free.

    No, college should not be free. Nothing is truly free. In US, we already have k-12 free. That give kids the opportunity to apply themselves so they are in position to get a college education if they want. There are multiple ways to reduce the cost of one's own college education.
    1. Start working part time job as a teen to save some money.
    2. Do well in school so that you can get a scholarship.
    3. Go to community college the first two years then transfer.
    4. Go to a school that has a co-op program.
    5. Live at home while at school.

    Also, be realistic. Do research. You should get a degree in something where there is demand for that skill. Getting a degree with low job prospect.

    Finally another reason why college shouldn't be free. It is really the first "adult" decision a young adult has to make. It is time one takes responsibility of their choices.

  • College Education Could Not Be Free

    No, college education could not be free in price. Education has many prices. For example, teachers must be paid, buildings must be maintained, and equipment must be purchased. The payment for these services must come from somewhere, though not necessarily the student. Therefore, someone must pay for college education and it cannot be free.

  • Receiving an education will always carry a cost

    College educations are something that require the effort of an instructor. This effort can sometimes be free, but in a practical sense, the instructor would require some kind of compensation in order to teach students. Thus, a college education can never truly be free because at least on party has to expend effort on the behalf of the students.

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