• Yes They Could

    I believe companies could avoid skills gaps in America by training people better, but they would also need to offer upward mobility to solve the problem. To me, upward mobility is the real problem because firms have no intention of advancing employees further into the company. We have a lot of people who are stuck in low-level jobs with no promise of advancement at all.

  • Skills Gaps Easily Filled by Knowledge

    It would be extremely easy to avert the skills crisis in America by dedicating several hours a week to maintaining and upgrading job skills in the corporate environment. Workers would feel more appreciated, perform their work with more pride and confidence and respect their companies more. Companies would benefit from the faster production of a higher quality product and avoid costly mistakes and wasted employee time.

  • People can only obtain skills, by being trained on the job.

    I think companies are not helping their own situation with the skills gap. In the past, many companies had apprentice schemes, trained their own staff, and then kept them for life. Nowadays companies expect their employees to come already trained. Since a lot of training can only be obtained on the job, I think this is causing the skills gap.

  • Yes, companies should better train their employees.

    I defnitely think that employers and companies can avoid skill gaps in America by better training their employees. I think that a lot of companies these days do not care too much about having employees who are efficient at their jobs. They just need people who are good enough for their work.

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