Could computer programming for children be a solution to the low quality in education in the South America.

Asked by: masreis
  • Improve math and autonomy to study

    Here in Brazil we have a really big problem with the education. There are two societies: one with high salaries and, of course, a nice life, and the other side, where is the rest of the population. I think technology could be a starting point to the poor part (the most of Brazil) improve your skills and maybe have a better future.

  • Computer is not human.

    Computer programming can't be a solution to enhance the quality of education as the education quality depends on a lot more factors. The educational stuff provided to the kids, proper guidance for study and motivation for learning are some key factors to enhance the quality of education. Guidance and motivation is one of those few .Things that computer can't provide and hence it is capable to fulfill only half the requirement

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