Could computers eventually be capable of sentient thought and free will?

Asked by: immacul4te
  • Computers will one day think

    The evidence is leaning more and more in the direction that computers will one day achieve a mind of their own. Computers will be faster, smarter and ultimately better than humans, so what does this mean for humans? We do not know, but it may not be pretty. Some are preparing for this.

  • yes it is

    Cybernetic revolt or robot uprising is a scenario in which an artificial intelligence (either a single supercomputer, a computer network, or sometimes a "race" of intelligent machines) decide that humans (and/or organic non-humans) are a threat (either to the machines or to themselves), are inferior, or are oppressors and try to destroy or to enslave them potentially leading to machine rule. In this fictional scenario, humans are often depicted to prevail using "human" qualities, for example using emotions, illogic, inefficiency, duplicity, unpredictability, or exploiting the supposedly rigid, rules-based thinking and lack of innovation of the computer's black/white mind.

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