Could convictions be based on fabricated evidence?

  • Fabricated evidence could lead to convictions

    Fabricating evidence has become an issue in our society as people become more desperate to have someone to point a finger at for doing something wrong. Convictions should only be based on true evidence, but the need for a very clear case has lead to some people being tempted to fabricate their evidence in order to assure a conviction.

  • Yes, I believe this happens.

    There are many cases which have been overturned because of fabricated evidence. Sometimes it's detectives that plant evidence at the scene in order to get a conviction other times it is eye witnesses that lie about what they saw. This happens way too often in the judicial system and is a very big reason why some people are against the death penalty.

  • Some Are Fabricated

    I believe convictions are based on fabricated evidence every day in this country. If people assume the system is fair, then they over look the corruption. There are people in our prison system that are 100% innocent, don't think that there aren't. the justice system is flawed and it convicts people all of the time with no evidence and weak testimony.

  • Convictions should not be made with fabricated evidence.

    Convictions should not be made with fabricated evidence. We have a legal system put in place for a reason, with firm laws and regulations. Facts need to remain facts regardless of the situation. You can not make up evidence out of thin air, or spin it to meet a certain agenda. I'm fairly sure that is a form of purjury and if it isn't , it should be.

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