Could democratic socialism win over autocratic capitalism?

Asked by: Lukas8
  • Read some zizek, critique some capitalism.

    Sorry if this seems less thought out than it should. I had this wonderful message typed out and ready to go when I clicked the [YES!] button again. For reference, don't do that. It deletes your work.
    Anyways, here's my thesis: socialism is preferable to capitalism as socialism promotes more substantial checks on abuse of power.
    This presupposes:
    1. Socialism also entails a mode of government - ceding power to the 'proletariat' (sorry, meant to in/corporate/(trigger word) the Zizek meme later) - that means all political decisions are grassroots.
    2. America is a representative republic. This is less a presupposition, more a fact that's lesser known than the previous. A true democracy relies on popular vote. The most recent presidential election shows this system is not in place in America.
    3. There's actually an economic and political elite. Up until recently, this concept has been relatively theoretical. It has existed as a class in models of the greek polis (the aristocracy) and colonial America (the plantocracy). More recently, examples of an American aristocracy class have presented themselves in the form of the Koch brothers or other superpacs. Of course, president elect Trump would probably fit the definition.
    4. Zizek actually catches attention - and that's what give his revolutions hope. The same goes for any kind of socialist movement - the scenario for a socialist government could take the form of a Sanders presidency or a nearly Marxist-esque revolution.

    On Zizek: I get he proposes a communist revolution. I also understand this is not the same thing as socialism.

    Thanks for the read. Feel free to hit me up with messages or replies or whatever - I'll try to reply in a timely fashion.

    Oh, and also - please no death threats. It's the 21st century.

  • Capitalism is against the constitution.

    When America was first founded the fathers believed that their nation was going to be the best of all time. What they didn't realize was that over the years their nation would become a power hungry monster. The people in this nation are corrupt and in this cutthroat society we can't afford to be surrounded by hypocritical politicians who are going to bring us down. This society is either going to make us or break us and we need to know who are our real friends. We don't lose friends we simply realize who our true friends are....

  • Capitalism is unsustainable

    Sooner or later, the massive wealth and income disparities created by capitalism will be the source of its decline. We live in a period of massive economic inequality, abd that needs to change. The people will eventually realise this, once the disparity becomes great enough. Whether by ballot or by force, autocratic capitalism will fall.

  • This is a troll.

    There is no autocratic capitalism. There's also no democratic socialism. Republican socialism, yes. But there is a republican capitalism, and it's doing quite well for itself, until socialism sets in. Wait, there is an autocratic capitalism. It's called a sweetheart deal, and it entails cheap land and labor from tinpot dictators to big American corporations. Suck it CMT!
    (Paranoia reference. The roleplaying game.)

  • They are the same

    Democratic Socialism or Social Democracy is merely a form of Capitalism with some socialist influence and thus no enemy of capitalism. Capitalism is not entirely autocratic but this depends on where you live and what socioeconomic class you belong to. Some social democratic regimes are autocratic as well e.g. (Algeria or Mexico) so this argument is a false dichotomy as democratic socialism is a form of capitalism and both democratic socialism and capitalism can be autocratic. Libertarian Socialism would have been a better example. On the question of democratic socialism v capitalism in some areas social democratic capitalism appears to be gaining popular support (especially parts Europe) but it really doesn't matter because all these so called democratic socialist will be very similar to moderate capitalist anyway.

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