• Well Technically... Yes?

    Now, what is the number one cause of car accidents? Driving? Can a car accident result in damage to ovaries? Yes.

    So while driving doesn't directly cause any damage, indirectly it could, so the technical answer to the question is yes. Not very helpful I'm sure, but a semantic point that needed to be made.

  • Yes indeed k

    Driving can also be very dangerous to a mans testes too.
    I remember this guy that sat on his nuts and couldn't walk for a week.
    That would never happen outside of a car, drivers need to be aware of the risks of sitting down in cars.
    You've been warned!

  • Yes, it absolutely can.

    I'm glad someone finally brought this up as I've been thinking about it for quite some time. Muslim men are merely trying to protect women when they give the people laws prohibiting women from driving. They're doing a great service to women everywhere by protecting them from the dangers of driving.

  • Silly Saudis! Ha . . . Soooo you're for real?

    "If a woman drives a car, it could have a negative physiological impact ... Medical studies show that it would automatically affect a woman's ovaries and that it pushes the pelvis upward. We find that for women who continuously drive cars, their children are born with varying degrees of clinical problems." - Sheikh Saleh Al-Loheidan

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