• There could be just about anything.

    "Could Europa have extraterrestrial life?" well, it could. For creatures like on Earth, we need water. There is a giant underground ocean on the Jupiter's moon, Europa, so it is possible there could be alien that are inferior such as fish like creatures in their oceans or even alien bacteria. Where there is water, there may be life.

  • It's worth a look

    Europa one of Jupiter's moons has an ice shell and underneath it is a vast ocean. Europa sustains oxygen, it has water and it has heating and tectonic activity due to tidal flexing a similar phenomenon that causes Earth to have volcanoes. I would say there would be simple aquatic terrestrial life there at best.

  • It is possible

    It is nearly certain that a Europe has a giant salt water ocean, 100 kilometers down. Many sea creatures on Earth live and thrive in salt water, and salt water is hard to freeze. But live, like complex fish, is another story than just the ocean. But hopefully there is creatures swimming in warm Europan oceans.

  • It's a definite possibility

    Europa could have life there. Probably not anything intelligent as in not anything civilized. But possibly even something bigger than microorganisms. Maybe the Europan version on fish. I suppose it's somewhat possible, though not a great chance of it that there could be intelligent life, some kind of mermaid. That would be exciting.

  • Not a chance.

    The Bible doesn't mention anything about life anywhere but Earth. Now some of you might say that the Bible is just a myth. I disagree. I would be willing to stake my life that we will never find extraterrestrial life anywhere. You might think I'm crazy, but I have total confidence that I would win that bet.

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