Could future health epidemics be positive for society if they alert authorities to terrorist plans?

  • Yes, health epidemics have a possibly to alert authorities of terriorist plans.

    Yes, health epidemics would be a foundation on which we find out about terrorists plans. Not only would this be effective in our country, but to also study such events from foreign countries where terrorists could possibly test such things. Any knowledge of epidemics linking to another country is extremely important knowldge.

  • yes they could

    yes, i think that if we were able to use a small attack by a terrorist group to make sure that this type of attack does not happen later on a big scale that it would be good for society, and that it would be good to keep us safe.

  • Health Epidemics are not Positive for Society

    Health epidemics are not positive for society, period. If they alert authorities to terrorist plans, it would mean those plans are already being carried out. And once a communicable disease begins to spread it is very difficult to stop the spread. There will be deaths and more disease. Society could get its revenge on the terrorists, provided society finds them, but the epidemic itself and the cost of it is not positive for society.

  • How Does That Work?

    I do not see how a health epidemic could alert authorities to terrorist plans. I honestly don't see any possible connection to these two things. I believe health epidemics can positively benefit society, but that's generally due to the fact that there's a sudden impact in population, which a lot of people would agree, is equally devastating.

  • Mass suffering is never good.

    No, future health epidemics would not be positive for society, even if they alert authorities to terrorist plans, because if a lot of people get sick, the terrorists have already carried out their plan and succeeded. Suffering on a massive scale is never a good thing. That means the terrorists have one.

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