Could gender equality be achieved in our society?

Asked by: cherryblossom91
  • Yeah hell yeah

    Yo i support all you feminists out there. Im a male. Im a feminist. Im in love with equality. I love it all. You hear me. All of it. I live for it. You fools out there who be like yeah i believe in equality but yeah feminism shit its too strong i need a little milk with this tea. What are you even gettin at? Dude just add honey. If you're not on e for analogies, it's totally understandable. Let me reiterate in more direct terms for yous. You guys are on the same side and yet you are still arguing with each other. It fucking renders pointless you hear me. And men. Poor poor men. We cant cry. Yes you can. Go on. Have a little cry. You are the barrier between yourselves. We are creating the barrier we are feeling so judged by. And you ladies out there, who want to play soccer. Go on kick the shit out of that ball, you hear me.That stuff we can do just by doing it. But lets focus on the bigger issues here. Dop we believe in equality? Yeah well duh. Feminsim, stop with this confusion of the word, lets figure out thiis equal pay shit. If we focus on the bigg stuff and stop picking like petty poos then we will all do fine. It is possible guys. Equality is attianable. We just need to change out attitude

  • How do you define gender equality?

    Men and women are equal in our society with regard to rights and opportunity, but men and women will always be inherently different. There are always exceptions, of course, but in general men will always be more aggressive and women more stable. There are those who argue that gender differences are forced on us by society, but they can't explain why male and female infants behave differently.

  • Men and women are different

    Feminism is cancerous. Feminsts spread myths about how they are unequal. The 79 cent/dollar fact does not mean that women make less it just means they don't work as long or hard. Yes there are exceptions, but women are less happy when they work. Women are not best for doing some male jobs. For example, the army. Once a whole women regiment was unable to fight...Because they were crying over their boyfriends who had died a few days earlier! The point is, there is a limit to where we can be equal and we need to accept that to advance as a society.

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Tacet says2014-06-28T21:58:07.640
"in our society" is a vague way of phrasing this question, which? Or is it referring to the complete populous of the human race?
deathcake says2016-03-28T01:15:11.580
Fuck off tacet
deathcake says2016-03-28T01:18:21.767
Lol tacet calm it down