Could god have created time without any time to do it? Or create everything from nothing before anything existed?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes, He is the master of time

    God controls time. Not only that, but His construct of time is different than ours. Humanity's time is based on the rotation of Earth around the sun. His is based on eternity, something the finite human mind cannot grasp. As far as creation goes, it is impossible that the universe and the qualities of Earth necessary for life were formed by chance collisions. For there to be creation, there must be a creator.

  • If you believe in God

    Yes because it says in the bible that God has created everything of all human things and that should be counted for and I bet that the person who posted no does not believe in god. So yes God most likely did but most people will also listen to scientist but you can believe them but also believe in God. It is the best thing that can happen

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  • No, "create" is a temporal concept.

    "Create" means to cause to happen and "cause" and "happen" are both contingent on time. Therefore, there would need to be time for time to be created, so the paradox should be obvious.
    Time is rather a variable that was expressed relative to matter and gravity at the big bang.
    The creation of something from nothing is possible because nothing is actually an unstable state. But this does not speak to a god, rather it speaks to quantum fluctuations.

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