• Yes, but this is touchy.

    If there were better treatments for soldiers period, there would be less suicides in the military as we see them happen frequently. Our soldiers are out there risking their lives and we should thank them every day, but we do not. We argue about why we are even fighting the wars.

  • Yes, they reallt would.

    As a military veteran--not a war veteran mind you--I can say for certainty that good psychiatrists and psychologists do a lot to help these men and women climb out of their holes of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Greater care would reduce the suicide rate greatly and really help these soldiers.

  • Greater care for veterans could reduce suicide rates among soldiers.

    Greater care for veterans could reduce suicide rates among soldiers. They give their lives for this country and the least that we should do is to treat them with proper medical care. Suicide is a major problem when coming back from war and they need to be treated medically for any conditions.

  • Greater care for Veterans could reduce suicide rates among soldiers

    I agree that greater care for veterans could reduce suiced rates among soldiers. Proper mental health services and psychological counseling could greatly help veterans cope with PTSD, and other issues that stem from time served in the military. Addressing the issues of these veterans and providing support would make them less likely to feel isolated and depressed, and therefore less likely to attempt suicide.

  • There's only so much we can do.

    No, greater care for veterans would not reduce suicide rates among soldiers, because there are only so many preventative measures that we can take. There will always be some problems with treating soldiers. But there are a number of people in the general population that commit suicide too. We cannot prevent everything.

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