Could greater transparency in drone strikes be a bad thing?

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  • Counter Productive to Military Operations

    If we were to be more transparent about how our military operates, especially through drone strikes, it gives the enemy and advantage. They will have a general idea of how we select targets and can take precautions to eliminate damage done by the drone strikes. If we can't do any real damage to the enemy, we might as well just surrender now.

  • Transparency in drone strikes would be a good thing.

    Because of the way they're being hidden by the media, we don't know a lot out drone strikes right now. Without a lot of information, how are we supposed to be able to make a judgment on this issue? With greater transparency, the American people would understand exactly what is happening.

  • No Drone Strikes

    No, greater transparency in drone strikes could not be a bad thing, because I believe that drone strikes are unethical to begin with. Even if the target knew the strikes were inevitable, drones should not be used in peace or war times. Whether secret or not, drones are bad and should be done away with.

  • I say no

    I don't think anyone can really argue that increased transparency in regards to government action is ever going to be a bad thing. The more open of a book the government is, the better. This increased ability to see what is going on allows us to keep the government accountable.

  • Transparency is vital to a democracy

    The United States government is not entitled to keep the drone program a secret. When it comes to the pros/cons of greater transparency, the pros are much more important. There needs to be clearly defined rules regarding the use of drones.

    Clearly very few Americans are informed about what the drone program is and why is it used. Can it be used domestically for non military reasons? Does a branch of the military, or a private contractor make the decisions on targets? These are just a few of many more questions that need to be answered.

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