• Yes, they can.

    History has a tendency to repeat itself, so most anything has the ability to return, maybe it will not be exactly the same way it used to be, but in essence it will be the return of the cult. A cult is group of people who strongly share the same belief, all it takes is people to all feel the same way about that belief for it to come back.

  • Yes, they could.

    Not sure exactly what this cult was into, but history has taught us that it will repeat itself. Not only that, but I believe cults are partial of what people believe in, so all it takes is a group of people who strongly hold those beliefs and are willing to band together and recreate the old cult.

  • I believe so!

    I believe that Hellenistic cults have never left. Most cults are Christian-oriented. Most Paganism is not worshiping the devil. Pagans basically worship nature. They believe in karma and state you get out of the universe what you put in the universe. The Hellenistic cults are from the Christian demon Satan. Paganism and Hellenistic cults are not the same!

  • Yes, they could.

    There is a lot of wisdom in the phrase "everything old is new again" and it especially pertains to history. History tends to repeat itself (sorry for the cliches but they become cliches for a reason) and people, even as they progress, tend to return to simpler ways and minimalist ways. Consider how organic farming has returned as a "trend." The same could and likely will happen with Hellenistic cults and similar things.

  • Could Hellenistic Cults Return?

    Not in so much as “could they could return” if they in theory actually went away at all. Hellenistic is a broad term used to denote those individuals back in history from Greek and Roman times, who worshipped alternative Gods, and even gave themselves that designation, i.E. Within the Pharaohs of the Egyptian culture. Ritualistic practices included magic and the like also. There are countless individuals, who even today believe strongly in deity based Paganism type religions, where magic is believed to have a potency superior to any form of religious miracle So in all truth, where have Hellenistic Cults really gone, but now under the guise of different names and fabricated ideologies.

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