Could homophobia be an evolutionary disease avoidance behavior?

  • I suppose it could be,

    I'm not personally homophobic at all and I wouldn't call homosexuality a disease but I'm sure it is possible that homophobia could be a result of evolutionary behavior. But on the other hand, I find it more likely that it is religion that is mainly responsible for homophobia, since most religions teach against homosexuality, homophobia is more prevalent amongst the religious than the irreligious and I've certainly never even met a homophobic atheist (even though that doesn't mean much and I'm sure that homophobic atheists are out there).

  • Homophobia is a man made construct

    I do not approve of the homosexual propaganda that is being strong armed throughout our society. This is my opinion based on my own world views and experiences. Because it stands to oppose the homosexual movement I am now labeled as a homophobic? This term and indeed this entire idea (That of my opinion being driven by some irrational fear of homosexuals or what I do not know) has been created as a means to belittle those who have a differing opinion. Frankly I am sick of being called narrow minded by the same narrow minded individuals who fail to see that where they see homosexuality as something to be praised, others see it as a behavioral cancer that needs to be corrected.

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