Could immigration reform benefit America's economy?

  • Yes, it is something we need.

    Immigration reform would indeed benefit America's economy because it would unleash a legal workforce of hard-working people who want to earn money, and would therefore spend it-on housing, on education, on all kinds of things. This is what we've been sorely missing in this country for so long. This country was built on immigration. Immigrants also bring new ideas and accomplishments. We would benefit as a nation in countless ways.

  • Yes, it could

    It's hard to know exactly how much it will, though, and if the effect will be good or bad. There is obviously a lot of problems with immigration, specifically across the Southern border. A lot of this immigration has been from criminals, and from others who only act as a strain on the American economy. However, I do believe that those who have been hard working contributors should have a means to remain here legally. This will have a net positive, stabilizing effect on the economy. It remains to be seen exactly what suggestions for reform will actually amount to.

  • Hugely

    Illegal immigrants are one of the biggest things wrong in this country. One of the biggest reasons why is that they earn money here and send it back home, which is hurting this country's domestic spending. By reforming the immigration policy to crack down on illegal immigration, which is a federal offense, we can keep more money here, which will help the economy. This is instead of using taxpayer dollars to encourage illegal immigrants to stay here and get an education, thus raising crime. By attracting legal immigrants that will work here to earn a living and repelling illegal immigrants that won't, we can help the economy.

  • No, immigration reform would hurt the economy.

    Immigration reform would required all the illegal immigrants to start paying taxes. It would also require there employers to pay them minimum wages and give them health benefits. This would actually hurt the economy as all of these places that hire illegal immigrants will have to vastly raise their prices or go out of business.

  • No. It will take jobs from people.

    These immigrants will be hated in the US because they will take the jobs of people who have lived here for a long time, if they are willing to work for lower pay. They increase our population by a mile, and there is already a decrease in job offers for americans, much less immigrants.

  • No - Bad for American Business

    Immigration Reform can not benefit America's Economy because the immigrants are taking work away from American workers. The American economy that belongs to American citizens would be compromised. Just imagine, Mark Taylor's father has been out of work for a year. Along comes an immigrant named Tom who takes Mark's father's job because he is willing to work for a lower wage. All of a sudden the immigrant's economy and not the American economy has been affected. I believe that the issue is more about wages than about who should be taking that job. Therefore, I think that for the American economy to thrive, the immigration reform should not take place.

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