Could immigration reform strengthen America's health care system?

  • Yes, it would seem so.

    A big problem with illegal immigrants is that we believe we cannot deny health care to them if they need it. The same holds true for citizens of this country, but people who are here illegally often operate under the radar. They get paid for work by cash and do not contribute to the system in any way. They can be transient, or give false addresses, and have false IDs. When they show up in an emergency room, there is no way that they can be sent a bill for their treatment. A definite benefit that can be obtained by immigration reform is that we would have a way to register them, and a part of having a path to citizenship would require them to behave like citizens.

  • Yes!

    More and more illegal immigrants are entering this country every day and taking our jobs and abusing health care that we work hard to pay for. The less immigrants we have crossing the border daily, the more money we can put back into the health care system to go to Americans who actually need the health care but may need help paying for it.

  • Yes, it would help the drain on the system

    One issue with illegal immigration is the drain on the system. Health care centers cannot (and should not) turn someone in need away. The more people here who are illegally and cannot pay, the more money is drained from the system. Reforming immigration will help with all of these types of issues.

  • Yes

    The worst part of immigration nowadays is how there are so many illegals crossing the border or letting their visas expire. Many of them are abusing the emergency room even though they don't even belong in this country. If America's immigration system were to be reformed to make it much more difficult for illegals to be here, we wouldn't be spending so much money catering to them and/or deporting them, although we don't even do that - we ENCOURAGE that kind of crime. Since reform is badly needed as such, we can preserve money by ending all aid, including health care, to illegals, which would allow us to focus on the two most pressing domestic needs: Health care and education. Thus, creating an immigration system that won't cause burden can give us more money to spend where we should be in the first place.

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