Could it be helpful to students to bring their mobile devices to school?

  • Phones Used in Emergencies

    Mobile phones in schools can be used in case of emergencies such as weather-related disasters or in case of a shooter on the premises. iPads and other tablet computers can be used in the educational process for research, writing papers and keeping classroom journals. Not all mobile devices are distractions for students if used properly as teaching tools.

  • Think... Think about it.

    It would let the kids at least type notes instead of remembering their piece of paper and pencil. The good point about it is the font on a phone is more legible than an actual humans handwriting. They can test app skills on it and also it helps with IT in school because they don't have to fund money for iPhone's and iPad's. They can call their parents while going home and also store class work on it. First class would help with homework uploading and downloading. Kids could do homework on their phones! Just make sure there is no calculator involved while they do their homework.

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