Could it be possible that God exists and he is like an engineer and inventor thus correlating to evolution and creationism?

  • Such is my belief

    If you are speaking in correlation to the LORD GOD of the Bible, then yes. Genesis seems as if there are quite a few chapters missing to explain to us certain things. Genesis raises many questions regarding the creation, and it seems as if evolution might be the missing link.

  • Yes, it is entirely possible.

    Yes, I agree with the notion that God exists and he is like an engineer and inventor, which thus makes a correlation between evolution and creationism possible. I don't think it's a good idea to interpret the Bible literally. We have no idea what time is like for God. Thus, with this notion, I think it is entirely possible that these two theories could collide to be one idea.

  • Yes, it could be possible.

    It is in fact, a possibility. We do not have any solid facts about God, how he truly works, and what he may be like. It is possible that he is like an engineer, it would make sense, constantly creating and revamping his design to make it as flawless as possible.

  • It could be possible!

    A concept of innovation is shown through the Bible (the Old Testament and the New Testament). The New Testament was a stronger interpretation of the Old Testament. The existence of new species every few years implicates that God improved upon an older species. He created people to see which of his best products (the ones who believe him and sin less) may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • The theory of evolution

    Creationism and Evolution are contradicting in nature.The possibility that God is the engineer results in the total violation of Evolution since Evolution is totally against the idea of GOD.

    If GOD existed and he is the engineer then Intelligent Design would have been proved right long ago but its quite the opposite case sine Intelligent Design has been proved wrong and rejected by the Scientific community all over the world hence there is no possibility of God being an engineer or a creator.:)

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