Could it be that Saddam's WMDs have made it to Syria?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Ex-Iraqi general says so.

    Georges Sada, a top general in the Iraqi Air Force defected and he is on record as saying that Iraq's chemical weapons were transported on 56 flights during the summer of 2002 under the guise of relief after a dam collapsed in Syria.

    Here's a link to an interview - http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=Q7LGeYr1hiQ

  • Nope. Syria and Iran are allies. Iraq was always enemies with Iran

    Iran and Iraq did not get along. Syria was and is Iran's little brother country. No way Saddam increases Syria's military power in the region. That would have equated to increasing Iran's power. I don't see it. If anywhere they got them from Iran or Russia. Russia loves allying with countries we don't like just to be annoying

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