Could Jeffrey Dahmer's parole officer have been more diligent during his years of probation following his sentencing in 1989?

  • This Is Obvious

    What many people don't realize is the fact that the probation system, part of the justice system in the United States, is simply implemented as a way to drag money into the system. It of course provides a job to the probation officer as well, but generally they do little to actually supervise these people in any real way. If these people did actually do their job as it should be done then Dahmer would have been caught much quicker, but that unfortunately is not of the American justice system works.

  • Many Things Could Have Prevented Dahmer's Murders

    There are dozens of things that could have prevented Jeffrey Dahmer from killing people. His parole office could have checked on him more often. Police should have listened to one kidnapping victim instead of writing him off as crazy. Neighbors could have been more insistent that Dahmer was weird. His own parents could have done more to try to get him psychological counseling. The parole officer was just one broken link in a rusted chain that dropped the ball with the late serial killer.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer's parole officer culd have been more diligent during his years of probation following his sentencing in 1989.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious murderer and the authorities, especially his parole office, should have caught on and stopped him before he did so much damage. Law enforcement needs to be diligent in order to prevent such violent people from harming the innocent. This is the best way to keep the community safe.

  • Not at all

    Jeffrey Dahmer is one of this countries most crazy criminals. Of all the things that he did most people think that he needed to rot in jail for the rest of his life. I do not think that his parole officer should have been more lenient. Even Dahmer was quoted saying the same.

  • No. Blame the System

    The parole officer was following regulations and if you want to see officers' behaviors change then look to the rule makers. Find out what you district's representative thinks and press the issue. That seems like the only logical way to actually prevent something like this happening again. The officer was merely doing his job.

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