• No profits = no government

    Ayn Rand and Karl Marx both foresaw the end of capitalism. Ayn Rand from a quasi-conservative perspective and Karl Marx from a revolutionary point of view. Both foresaw the end of the capitalist system. Of course, Rand believed government funding would be elective with an elective defense. Marx believed the proletariat would take the system down by force. Rand may have used Marx for her predictions! What do you think they taught in St Petersburg in her time? Marx said capitalism would commit suicide through overproduction and low wages. Rand said capitalism would die by cronyism, incompetence, and force. She seems to have said in effect, yes, Marx is correct about what will happen, and is totally wrong. In effect, Marx said the proletariat will have to take over in order to preserve humanity (use force in order not to be annihilated) and Rand left "self-defense" as a loophole. The point is when you tax the corporation out of existence, as both of them foresaw, you end up with the end of capital.

  • Piecemeal they can be

    Ayn Rand said her ideology was based on self-interest (why you need an ideology for that I don't understand). While Ayn Rand somehow thought that self-interested people should vote for people who will let them die rather than pay for their health care or for people who will destroy their lungs with pollution if you really think about it that's NOT self-interested.
    A self-interested person then could want that at least some regulations are in place and some social services are in place. A self-interested person who is honest with himself probably won't want communism but the point is taken piecemeal they can both be right, but not taken as wholes.

  • Well, we know Ayn Rand is wrong, so...

    Ayn Rand's philosophies are so completely wrong that they didn't even end up working in her own life. Ayn Rand received both Social Security and Medicare. If these programs are so evil, then why did she enroll in them and accept benefits?

    As for Marx, well, some of his ideas sound great in principle, but the real life application of these principles have been pretty much awful.

  • Marx is wrong.

    No Karl Marx and Ayn Rand cannot both be right, because they believe two very different things. Rand believes in the value of the individual, and that people should be able to live their own lives without the control of others. Marx believes that people need to be ruled for the collective good.

  • No, Karl Marx and Ayn Rand can't both be right.

    I do not think that Karl Marx and Ayn Rand cannot both be right. I do not think that there is a possibility for both of them to be correct. Their ideologies and beliefs are just way too different and opposite for both of them to be right. I think that there is something that society can learn from them though.

  • No they couldn't

    No both of them couldn't be right one is right and the other one is incorrect. It depends on your viewpoint of what is really going on in the world and in the spotlight of politics. But both people can't be right all the time. They are contradicting each other.

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