• Yes it could.

    I do think that kegels exercise could revolutionize the home video market for exercising because people want to work out and feel like they are fit and in shape. They are willing to do the exercise type that works well for them and doesn't require too much stress when first starting.

  • Home videos would be revolutionized by kegel introduction

    Kegel exercise videos would revolutionize the home-video exercise market because these exercises are not mainstream yet. In addition, no one would expect them in a popularly available video form. Older women and women who have had children would find these videos especially available. Perhaps they would even be able to use their HSA benefits to pay for the videos.

  • Kegels Exercise Revolutionize

    I personally think that kegels exercise revolutionize the home video market can help women after pregnancy feel more comfortable with their bodies as well as with themselves overall. I personally think that kegels exercise revolutionize would be a great way to help not only women but men as well. I personally think that kegels exercise can help with being more healthier and living a much healthier lifestyle.

  • Yes, they could

    People are concerned with their performance and all of their body parts. Especially women. When it comes to kegels, this is a good way for them to regain some confidence after a pregnancy. As it is also good for men who are looking to have better control of themselves in the bedroom.

  • Doesn't lend itself

    The kegel is something that is very easy to perform and doesn't really require a significant amount of instruction or assistance from any so called expert. A kegel also does not lend itself well to a vide, largely because the muscles are internal and not easily visible from the outside.

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