Could lives be cost by the so-called "Trojan Horse" of Science?

  • We should be vigilant of all threats.

    Yes, lives could be cost by the so-called Trojan Horse of science, because there could be a threat when we do not suspect it. We could lose data that we have, or there could be a threat that hurts a lot of people in a way that we are not able to defend.

  • FIRST is evil

    FIRST is a bill designed to destroy science in the United States. Referred to as a Trojan Horse because it attempts to obscure its outcomes, FIRST greatly restricts access to scientific studies and research by adding enormous amounts of time to lockout periods, restricting government spending on science, and strangles the governments ability to implement policies relating to scientific research. FIRST is absolutely nothing more than an ultra-conservative, creationist attempt to stomp out scientific advancement in America.

  • Not everyone would survive.

    Lives could be cost by the so-called Trojan Horse of Science because enough experimentation will have been done to make sure it is safe for all people. It is inevitable that not all people will make it past the testing stages, but it is still important that we try to save as many people as we can.

  • Up To Date Theory

    I have my doubts lives will be lost because of the so-called Tojan Horse creationism theory. The document is more of a rebuttal to some theories flowing through academia about creationism or intelligent design. It's a study with opinions in it. I think people will read it, not kill over it.

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