• Yes, magic mushrooms have much potential to help people with depression.

    Yes, magic mushrooms very well could be the cure for depression that we've been looking for. Many studies have shown that people who take these mushrooms benefit greatly from their mood-enhancing effects long after their immediate effects have worn off. It is about time that we look further into the benefits of magic mushrooms.

  • Yes, magic mushrooms are a possible cure for depression.

    Magic mushrooms, aka psilocybin, is a psychedelic drug that reduces inhibitions promotes hallucinations. This aspect of the drug’s effects have been studied by researchers as a possible depression treatment. A small study found that after one week of treatment with magic mushrooms all 12 patients reported improvement in their depression and eight were depression-free. After three month five had relapsed but the other seven were still reporting improvement. It is worth investing in more research on a larger study.

  • Magic mushrooms could be the cure for depression that we need

    Magic mushrooms could be the cure for depression that we need. Then again, maybe not. Whatever the possibilities, the problem is that the people who might need it the most won't be able to get it unless and until the government approves it. And the government could care less about us.

  • They cheer people up.

    There are a certain strain of magic mushrooms that is known to make people happy. They are specifically sold with that promise. There is a reason that this strain has earned their reputation and their name over time. Likely, this can at least alleviate depression for the time that the person is high on the drugs.

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